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Friday, December 28, 2018 at 23:25

Following installation guide and review, this is the traditional compilation of suggestions after having a fresh Lubuntu 18.10 --the first LXQt edition--. You will notice the first thing here is about network manager as this new edition lacks nice feature on that. Five more things are about some nice tweakings in the file manager and the user interface. As generally Lubuntu is for old computers, you will be happy to have legacy Microsoft Windows theme, won't you? Go ahead, tweak once and use forever!

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1. Get A Better Network Manager

Wicd is a very good alternative to the default one.
$ sudo apt-get install wicd

(Wicd network manager showing access points from a public hotspot place)

2. Setup File Sorting

I like detailed list view. I hope you'll like it too. To change file sorting on your file manager:
  • View mode: go to menu bar Edit > Preferences > switch it to Detailed List View > OK.
  • Sorting: go to menu bar View > Sorting > By Modification Date > Descending.
  • Keep your choices: under View, enable Preserve settings for this folder. 

Unfortunately, right now, there is no way to preserve one settings for all folders like we find on Dolphin. I wish next time LXQt will have that.

(File manager preferences > Behavior > Default view mode: Detailed list view)

 ("Preserve settings for this folder" and sort by "modification date"/"descending")

3. Switch Between KDE, Windows, and Unity Themes

Lubuntu brings those three themes currently. You just need to adjust the settings using LXQt Configuration Center. The formula are:
  • Unity: Widget style=default, Icons theme="Ubuntu Mono Dark", LXQt theme="Ambiance"
  • KDE: Widget style="Breeze", Icons theme="Oxygen", LXQt theme="
  • Windows: Widget style="Windows", Icons theme=default, LXQt theme="System", and configure your start menu to have the icon

 (Lubuntu with KDE Plasma appearance)

 (Lubuntu with Windows 98 appearance)

(Lubuntu with Unity appearance)

4. Alternative Image Viewer

I crop pictures a lot, really a lot. Default image viewer here does not have crop feature.  I recommend you to install GNOME Shotwell instead. It's the long time image viewer of Ubuntu original. More than it, you can re-associate all pictures (PNG and JPEG) to be opened in Shotwell instead by right-click > Properties > switch the Open with field into "Shotwell" > OK.

$ sudo apt-get install shotwell

(Shotwell image viewer with crop feature)

 (Associating PNG images with Shotwell instead of the default one)

5. Edit Repository Sources

Up to 18.04, Lubuntu uses GNOME Software as the app store. But starting from 18.10 Lubuntu uses Discover, a different app store. Accompanying it, Lubuntu also replaced Synaptic with Muon Package Manager. You need to explore once again with them. But where is your repository settings on Discover?
  • Discover: bottom Settings button > top gear button > type your password > Software Sources opened. 
  • Muon Package Manager: menu Settings > Configure Software Sources. 
 (Muon and Discover)

6. Configure File Search

The last one, default search settings need a little adjustments:
  • enable Case insensitive
  • enable Search in sub directories
This way, your search will function like popular file managers (Dolphin, Nautilus, Windows Explorer).

(On file manager: go to menu bar Tool > Find Files)

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