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Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 22:21

Are you a Blogspot (Google writer? If you want to create table in your posts, you just need to copy and paste table from LibreOffice Writer, as simple as that. This article explains the steps to do it with pictures and examples. Try this!

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Table Example

Here's a table made with LibreOffice Writer and copied to this post. You can make a table like this easily.

Category Nonfree Software Free Software
Web browser Google Chrome GNU Icecat
Office suite Microsoft Office LibreOffice
Image editor Adobe Photoshop GIMP
Audio player WinAmp Audacious
Video player GOM Player VLC

1. Create Table in Writer

Create a table in LibreOffice Writer.

2. Preview in Web Browser

Go to menu File > Preview in web browser > your browser appears > your table appears in a new tab.

On LibreOffice Writer

3. Copy-Paste Table to Your Post

On the browser tab, select the whole table > Copy (Ctrl+C) > go to your dashboard > Paste (Ctrl+V).

On web browser

4. Preview Your Post

On post editor, press Preview button to see how the copied table looks. It should look like this. Notice there is still an empty space on the right side of page.

5. Edit the HTML Code

You just need a little code to make the table looks good and easy to read. On post editor, press HTML button > HTML code of your post appears > change the code style="width: 100%px; to be width="100%" > press Save button > press Preview button > see if your post appears good with the table.

6. Final Preview

After editing the code, now the table spans in full width, and no more empty space on right side of page. This way the table is ready to be published.

Table is finished!

Things You Need To Know

To edit the table, edit it until finished on Writer, and then copy the finished table to your post. This is the best way rather than manually editing the code in the post editor.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.