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Friday, June 9, 2017 at 14:30

This tutorial explains setup Gmail on Sylpheed Mail Client using IMAP mode. Sylpheed is a very user-friendly mail client, so easy so you can setup Gmail only in 1 minute. Sylpheed is default mail client on Lubuntu, so this article is mainly for Lubuntu users (and of course all Sylpheed users). It's easy and simple.

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1. Enable IMAP on Web

First, you should login to web Gmail and enable IMAP on Settings > IMAP/POP Settings.

2. Add Mail Account

Now start Sylpheed and go to menu Configuration > Create new account.

3. Add IMAP

Select IMAP4 Gmail option and press Forward.

4. Add Email Address

Type your email address and also your name.

5. Account Summary

Sylpheed will show account summary including imap and smtp addresses of Gmail. Press Close.

6. Enter Password

Sylphed will ask you your password of Gmail account. Type it here.

7. Fetch Mails

Finally, Sylpheed will fetch all mails from Gmail server. You can read, write, delete, and send emails from Sylpheed now.

About Sylpheed

Sylpheed is a free software mail client that is very lightweight, simple in interface, but surprisingly feature-rich. It supports POP and IMAP, import from Outlook, and also Address Book. It's cross platform, available for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It's well-known as default mail client of Lubuntu. Sylpheed is licensed under GNU GPL and its website is