DreadOut is an Indonesian indie horror game which brings a supernatural adventure to its player. A group of high school students stray from their vacation trip, they discover an old deserted town. They realize that there is something weird as they are entering the town. Linda as the main character in this game feels a mystical power within herself. This mystical or spiritual power might can save her and her friends from unknown evil in the town.

Linda brings some gadgets such as smartphone, digital camera, and digital video recorder which can be used to communicate and capture the various kinds of South East Asian ghosts that you will have never seen before, and also solve the many varied puzzles of the deserted town.

Your mission is to solve the mystery or puzzles of the deserted town. Obviously, you should use the gadgets to communicate and capture the ghost you've met.

DreadOut features:
  • Explore a haunted environment in an Asian - Indonesian setting.
  • Experience unique and terrifying events.
  • Survive – if you can, using quick reflexes and even quicker thinking!
  • Battle against your own fear to progress through the story.
  • Engage with a thrilling storyline full of twists.
  • Share your captured ghost images through popular social media sites
  • If you loved the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series of games you’ll certainly enjoy playing this game

Minimum system requirements:
  • 2 GHz CPU or faster (Multi-core recommended)
  • 2 GB RAM or bigger
  • Linux kernel 2.6.32 or later (Ubuntu recomended, 10.04 LTS or later)
  • OpenGL 2.0 or higher (with latest driver recomended)
  • GeForce 6, Radeon X1300, GMA X3000 vga card or better
  • Compatible audio devices
  • Keyboard + mouse or an optional Joystick
  • Optionally an internet connection

Install DreadOut on Ubuntu
Installing DreadOut on Ubuntu is a piece of cake, all you need to do is download the DEB package which is provided here:
  • http://www.indiedb.com/games/dreadout/downloads/dreadout-demo-linux
Once downloaded, please execute the following command to install:
  • sudo dpkg -i dreadout-demo_1.0_i386.deb
  • sudo apt-get -f install
Once installed, you can run DreadOut from "Game" section from the menu.

For additional teaser and information, below is demo video of DreadOut

DreadOut - Indie DB

Have fun ;)