Hello readers! Our friend has written a post on how to try Firefox OS on Ubuntu. In that post, you have to execute some Linux commands to get things done. Also you have to download hundreds mega bytes of files to run Firefox OS on Ubuntu. Today, I'd like so share another way to get Firefox OS run on Ubuntu with an easier way. Introducing Firefox OS Simulator!

Firefox OS Simulator is a Firefox extension which developers can use to test their application without installing on the real Firefox OS devices. Below are Firefox OS Simulator features:
  • Push to Device
  • Rotation simulation
  • Basic geolocation API simulation
  • Manifest validation
  • Stability fixes for installation and updates to apps
  • Newer versions of the Firefox rendering engine and Gaia (the UI for Firefox OS)
Install Firefox OS Simulator on Ubuntu
As I said before, Firefox OS Simulator comes as Mozilla Firefox extension, so you can install it as easy as another extension. Simply, open Mozilla Firefox and copy-paste the following URL to Firefox's address bar:
  • https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/labs/r2d2b2g/r2d2b2g-linux.xpi
Press "allow" when asked, so Mozilla Firefox downloads the extension. Please be patient because it needs to download around 60MB of file.

Once downloaded and installed you can access Firefox OS Simulator dashboard by accessing "Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator" from Firefox menu.

A new tab will be opened and you can see the Firefox OS Simulator dashboard. To run Firefox OS simulator, simply click the button under 'Simulator' label.

And voila, enjoy the Firefox OS Simulator on your Ubuntu :)