Dropbox is a famous online storage service which offers 2GB for its free account. Dropbox is simple, easy-to-use and its client is available on Linux. We can easily share our file to friends with just few clicks on file manager. Unfortunately, there is no share public folder option in Dropbox! So today, I'd like to write a post on how to share all files in "public" Dropbox folder easily. Let's get started!

To get it done, we need a simple script created by Wojciech Pietrzok called Dropbox-Index. What this script does is create an index.html file which contains links to all files inside folder and even recursively! Once the index.html file has been created, you can share that file to your friends, so he will be able to download all files in it.

Downloading and Installing
Simply run the following command to download and install Dropbox Index:
  • sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
  • wget http://kosciak-misc.googlecode.com/files/dropbox-index-0.4.3.tar.gz
  • tar xzfv dropbox-index-0.4.3.tar.gz
  • cd dropbox-index-0.4.3/
  • sudo python setup.py install
Basic Usage Instruction
Using Dropox Index is a piece of cake, for example, run the following command:
  • dropbox-index ~/Dropbox/Public/dropbox-index-0.4.3/
It will create a file named index.html which contains links to all files in the folder.

If you want "index" all files recursively, simply run:
  • dropbox-index -R ~/Dropbox/Public/dropbox-index-0.4.3/
For further information about Dropbox Index including how to create template file, please click here.

Regards :)