It’s  review of Ubuntu 12.04 by Jupiter Productions Linux Action show by Bryan Lunduke and Chris Fisher. Does Conical have a winner on its hands? Or is this new release, a STINKY-McSTINKER?! Tune in to find out!

PLUS: How to remotely control any desktop, new of a heavyweight video editor might be headed to Linux in a matter of weeks, we’ve got the details!
And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

About Linux Action Show

The Linux Action Show!, is Jupiter Broadcasting's second show (following CastaBlasta) , and also one of the most successful. The show is hosted by Chris Fisher, and Bryan Lunduke. The show follows the latest news in the free and open source world.

The show is a long format show, and usually begins with Chris presenting a very short "runs Linux" segment, where he showcases a particular, usually important or well known, computer system or infrastructure that runs a Linux based OS. This is followed a General App Pick and Chris' Android App Pick, which are the host's app recommendations to the audience of the show.

Well keeping it short here is the Linux Action Show Ubuntu 12.04 review.

Hope you will enjoy the Video :)