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Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 08:41

Obnam is simply backup application that closed to rsync which can  Backups data then store into local hard disks or online storage through the SSH SFTP protocol, Obnam make simple procedure backup and didn't need any supporting application unless SSH. Till now Obnam have come to version 0.23 and ready to install in Ubuntu via PPA, even though we call `functionality is does not replace Deja-dup`, Obnam is such interesting application to Developer for trying.

Obnam 0.23  Backup features
here'resome features that will you get in Obnam :

  • Snapshot backups. Obnam is complated with snapshot features, you don't need to worry about full versus incremental backups, or rotate real or virtual tapes.
  • Data de-duplication, across files, and backup generations. If the backup repository already contains a particular chunk of data, it will be re-used, even if it was in another file in an older backup generation. This way, you don't need to worry about moving around large files, or modifying them.
  • Safe and secure backup using GnuPG.
  • Push or pull operation, depending on what you need. You can run Obnam on the client, and push backups to the server, or on the server, and pull from the client over SFTP (just like Rsync).
And in this released (Obnam 0.23) there are some visible changes are :
  • restore now complate with progress bar.
  • fsck now has more useful progress reporting, and does more checking, including the integrity of the contents of file content.
  • fsck now also checks the integrity of the B-trees in the repository, so that it is not necessary to run fsck-larch manually anymore. This works remotely as well, whereas fsck-larch only worked on B-trees on the local filesystem.
  • force-lock now gives a warning if the client does not exist in the repository.
  • Subcommands for encryption now give a warning if encryption key is not given.
  • The --fsck-fix option will now instruct obnam backup fsck to try to fix problems found. For this release, it only means fixing B-tree missing node problems, but more will follow.
  • SFTP protocol use has been optimized, which should result in some more speed. This also highlights the need to change obnam backup so it can do uploads in the background.

Install Obnam Backup Application in Ubuntu
If you ubuntu user, you can install Obnam Backup through 2 ways, you can install it via PPA other ways you can Download and install Obnam through direct download.

Add following Repository to Install Obnam via PPA (thanks to Chris Cormack by providing this PPA)
  • deb natty main 
  • deb-src natty main 
Check following page to download/instal obnam directly from source
Interested to try it ?, find some valuable information about Obnam through following page.