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Friday, September 30, 2011 at 21:16

Did you remember ?, Few month ago an Ubuntu Artwork has made a challenge for community/individual to submit their best wallpaper/artwork here to be include as default wallpapers in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot.

The time has come, Ubuntu Artwork has choose best 14 community wallpapers, to be include as default wallpapers in Ubuntu 11.10 along with default wallpapers that provide by official, So you will get 15 Fresh Wallpapers in Ubuntu 11.10 which have never included in it's previous version.

Best 44 Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpapers Candidate
14 Wallpapers that been chosen has been selected from best 44 wallpapers picked by the the team including Daniel Holbach <>, Kenneth Wimer <> and Otto Greenslade <>, Is one of yours is  chosen ?,  Here are a 14 Default Wallpapers that will shipped in Ubuntu 11.10 :
  1. Buck off! by SirPecanGum
  2. Darkening Clockwork by Matt Katzenberger
  3. Dybbølsbro Station by SirPecanGum
  4. JardinPolar by CarmenGloria Gonzalez
  5. Langelinie Allé by SirPecanGum
  6. Momiji Dream by Deacon MacMillan
  7. Mount Snowdon, Wales by Adam Vellender
  8. Not Alone by Deacon MacMillan
  9. Power of Words by Antonio Litterio
  10. PurpleDancers by Emilio Merlino
  11. Small flowers by Dariusz Duma
  12. Stalking Ocelot by Sayantan Chaudhuri
  13. The Grass aint Greener by fix pena
  14. WildWheat by Brian Burt
Download Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpapers
You do no need to wait till Ubuntu 11.10 Final Launched, you can download it now though following link :