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Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 12:20

Personal space is become important when we work with many people using public things like office computers, I figured it would be good to post something to help you keep your information safe. There is simple tips how to securing your folder using password and encrypted folder, this tips we pick from my friend blog Mr.Reza Ervani.

Today we will show you how some application named Cyptkeeper, Cryptkeeper is a GNOME applet for managing EncFS encrypted folders, this application is defaultly available in ubuntu 11.04 repository (and previous release i thing) so you can install easily trough apt-get or Ubuntu Software Center, read following step :

Install the Cyptkeeper through apt-get or Ubuntu Software Center.
sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper
your application will be available in Application > System Tools > Cryptkeeper, you can activate by click the icon.
Cryptkeeper Installed on Ubuntu 11.04
if the step you take right you will see such us "key icon" in your ubuntu deskbar, then you can start encrypt a folder from there.
Cryptkeeper Applet on Ubuntu Deskbar
Encrypt a folder using Cryptkeeper
to star encrypt the folder, click the New Encryption Folder then you will be asked for selected folder and the name of session.
  • Add selected folder to encrypt and give a session name to remember. Click Forward when finish.
add selected folder to encrypt
  • Give a password to secure the folder you had choose. Click Forward when finish.
Give password to folder
  • If you read a message as shown below, congratulations you have personal private space now.
Cryptkeeper success message
To hide your encrypted folder, click the Cryptkeeper icon and uncheck the box next to it. To open your encrypted folder, click on the Cryptkeeper icon and check the box next to it. you will asked for password you have set before. I hope this will help ..