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Friday, June 10, 2011 at 19:04

The latest version of Ubuntu Linux – Ubuntu 11.10 with codename 'Oneiric Ocelot' has been officially released at 13 October 2011, see our complate review in Ubuntu 11.10 Review and Features

Next ubuntu 11.10 will be scheduled release on the October 13th, 2011. This version will launched with code name Oneric Ocelot, What's new ubuntu  11.10 ?, What's a great feature are available in ubuntu  11.10 Oneric Ocelot ?, that question perhaps crossed your mind now, right ?

Some of user seems surprised with the result of  ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhall,  a lot of them feels strange with unity desktop and then replace with GNOME 2 as in previous versions. So what will available in ubuntu 11.10, is that fit with your expectations, Here some of Ubuntu 11.04 Features from taken from the official :
  • Linux kernel 3.0.0, includes the 3.0.0-12.20 kernel based on the upstream kernel v3.0.4, GCC 4.6, Python 2.7 and Xorg server 1.10.4.
  • Unity, unity will run on top of Gnome 3.2 (see how it's works).
  • GTK 3
  • LightDM as the default login manager
  • 1:10
  • Unity and bug fixing, Unity will not be forgotten, hopefully will bring much improvement.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is default mail client, Ubuntu 11.10 will use Mozilla Thunderbird as default mail application, although evolution has release version 3 (Evolution 3), i think this is a good choice.
  • Déjà Dup, Ubuntu 11.10 will add backup application by default, Déjà Dup (day-ja-doop) is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of doing backups the Right Way (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend.
  • Python to 2.7 and 3.2
  • New Artwork, we hope that Ubuntu 11.10 will bring new experience and usabillity of desktop enviroment and also bring a new wallpapers :).
Check video above for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot Alpha 1 first look and review taken from youtube, This video also give overview of Unity and Gnome 3 in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot.
  Overview of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneric Ocelot Alpha 1
Can not wait to try it ?, me too., while awaiting for the final you can try the alpha release here, and don't for get for the Ubuntu 11.10 release schedule :
  •     June 2nd, 2011 – Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 1 release
  •     June 30th, 2011 – Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 2 release
  •     August 4th, 2011 – Ubuntu 11.10 Alpha 3 release
  •     September 1st, 2011 – Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1 release
  •     September 22nd, 2011 – Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 release
  •     October 13th, 2011 – Final release of Ubuntu 11.10