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Monday, June 6, 2011 at 11:38

Have you installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhall on your desktop, if the answer is yes, surely you will meet Evolution Mail there, this application is default email Application in Ubuntu 11.04. Some things need to prepare to get Evolution works with yahoo email, Picture below is step by step how to setting Evolution mail to receive and send from yahoo account :

  • Step 1 : Open your Evolution and go to Edit > Preference, then add or edit some account.
add yahoo mail account
  • Step 2 : This section is for set up your identity, in this section you need to enter your yahoo mail address and Full Name as identity to Evolution if you have multiple email account.
Evolution Setting identity
  • Step 3 : this section is giving information 'setting' about receiving account, if you do not know exactly, fill s it appears in the picture and change username to your username. If your email address is your username should be bob.
Evolution Setting Receiving Email
  • Step 4 : Setting receiving option, this is parameter of how many times does evolution download email from your yahoo account. You can change this parameter as you like.
Evolution Setting Receiving Options
  • Step 5 : This part was one of important setting when you configure an evolution, this is parameter of Sending email. chose SMTP in a Server Type, and don't forget to fill in a Server.
Evolution Setting Sending Email Option
  • Step 6 : If you have completed some item above, you should have been able to receive and send mail from yahoo, but wait this last step is no less important. This step is "How to use PGP / GPG Key Id" to open email that encrypted with OpenPGP. 
Evolution Setting PGP / GPG Key Id to read Email with Encryption
You can use evolution to send and receive email from yahoo now, to start receiving email use send/receive button in the dashboard of evolution, like shown below.
Evolution Send / Receive button
  Yes that's all, we hope this article will help you. happy mailing ..