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Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 18:32

Sometimes an IT Administrator need to work anytime and averywhere to manage or control computer devices or servers that exist by remote desktop sharing. Especially if there are disturbances and the position we're not at the office, while the device is experiencing problems can only be accessed by the office's internal network only, it required a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that we can get into the office's internal network via a network connection from anywhere, VPN is Another Solution for Linux Administrator.

VPN solutions are now widely available, either provided by your ISP or a software. In tis article i want to review ubuntu remote desktop sharing using by software called "TeamViewer", Teamviewer is work using VPN Connection and can be use cross platform or cross operating system. Teamviewer software is available for windows and linux, to install Teamviewer in ubuntu you can visit their official website and download it here: This software is free as long as not used for commercial purposes. TeamViewer also provides a paid version of the course with more features than the free version.

Teamviewer works by creating a pear-to-pear between 2 pieces of host or client, Install Teamviewer on the computer within the internal network that we want the remote, then other computer that will perform remote must have internet connection and off course Teamviewer ready. look following example to perform ubuntu remote desktop sharing using Teamviewer VPN.
I'm using Linux Ubuntu 10.10 and I am going to a remote target is a PC with Windows OS.
How to install Teamviewer in ubuntu is just type command above in the terminal:

$ Sudo-i teamviewer_linux.deb dkpg
Once completed in our live install just run from the menu in Ubuntu: Application - Internet - TeamViewer
Teamviewer screenshot
Each TeamViewer will have a unique fixed ID for every 1 computer. and will also generate a password each time you run the software. Well next, make the TeamViewer remote ID on your computer that will be remote. Live input only opponent ID and password then click "connect to a partner"
Teamviewer remote desktop sharing
In terms of security this software is somewhat vulnerable because of its simplicity to use. If we do not want to allow this software running on the internal network, maybe you can block the port and its domain from the side of the firewall. Yep .. That is Another Solution for Linux Administrator who want to perform remote desktop sharing using VPN, i hope this will help .. :D