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Friday, February 25, 2011 at 11:18

Hi there..Since a long time not uptodate. Here we are to bring technical guide "How to make your Linux  Gnome (Ubuntu) desktop look like a Mac, this guide is for Ubuntu addict with obsessed with the theme of Mac OSX  esspecially the Leopard. Previously we know themes like Mac4Lin, and now we can use this themes (GEKOS Leopard Theme for Nautilus Elementary) to make our desktop look like a MacOS Leopard closely, out of my personal opinion, this themes is great than Mac4lin it self. GEKOS Leopard Theme for Nautilus Elementary can be downloaded from this link:, From the screenshot attached, I think this theme is the closest to the actual theme of Mac OSX.
gekos showing image file screenshot
gekos desktop screenshot
And this is GEKOS Leopard Theme for Nautilus Elementary User Review Video i grab from youtube.

Yes enough for today, i hope my tutorial would make you pround of you linux (ubuntu) desktop now, for full review and screenshoot you can follow this link.