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Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 06:14

Domain is important part of website or blog, domain could become a powerfull brand if we made seriously. There are lot of service whom provide free domain and hosting for us to make a new website and blog such wordpress and blogger, but in a same time they don't serve a niche domain for us to made a powerfull brand for our website or blog. As i read in there’s a few things you might need to adjust in the different Google apps when changing/moving to a new domain from wordpress/blogger to comercial domain (for eexample  we would change blogger domain from to
  • Add the new domain in your AdSense channels
    Choose AdSense -> AdSense Setup -> Channels -> URL Channels -> Add new URL channels
  • Change your reply-to address in Gmail, if you used a redirect
    Choose Gmail -> Settings -> Accounts -> Edit info
  • Change your signature in Gmail, if you used the old domain name in it Choose Gmail -> Settings
  • Add your domain into the Google Webmaster Tools
    Choose Google Webmaster Tools -> Add Site (you then need to verify your site by e.g. uploading an HTML file)
  • Tell Google Webmaster Tools your preferred domain, and allow advanced image functionality
    Choose Google Webmaster Tools -> [your domain] -> Preferred domain/ Enhanced image search
  • If you’re using the AJAX Search API, generate a new key to work with your domain
    Choose Google AJAX Search API -> Generate API Key

  • If you provide a “” search somewhere, adjust it accordingly
  • If you have a blogger profile, change your homepage settings
    Choose Blogger -> Edit Profile -> Homepage URL
  • Update your Google Groups profile with the new domain
    Choose Google Groups Profile -> edit -> Website or Blog
  • If the iGoogle gadgets you hosted stop working...
    Resubmit each of your gadgets to the directory. Then submit an alias request with Google for each of them. (... I’m still checking how this will work out)
  • If you have an Orkut profile, change your homepage Choose Orkut -> profile -> edit [the second from the top] -> webpage
  • Tell YouTube your new homepage
    Choose YouTube -> My Account -> Personal Info -> Website URL
  • If your site is indexed in Google News, alert Google support of the change
    Try emailing (still testing this)
  • Check if you have any Google Alerts where you do URL searches
    Choose Google Alerts -> manage your alerts [you may not always see all alerts this way, unfortunately]
  • Tell Google Analytics your new domain
    Choose Google Analytics -> Edit [in the site’s row] -> Edit -> Website URL
  • If you have any AdWords campaigns running, change the domain you’re advertising
    Choose AdWords and check your campaigns
i hope little tips above can solve your problem, same tips has use to move this 'blog' from to :.