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Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 17:54

Backtrack is the most attractive security tools now days, using this swish army knive (backtrack) we have more than 300 security tools which can be use to penetrate and evaluate network security in wired or wireless network. As my tutorial before in how to install backtrack on ubuntu 10.04 here the new guidance how to install Backtrack on USB Flash Drive. Before we start, it's better if you download the latest version of backtrack first here.
Installing Backtrack on USB Flash Drive via Ubuntu  
Using Ubuntu 10.04 you have a simplest way to make backtrack running on your USB Flash Drive, just prepare the backtrack .iso image then go to System > Administration > Startup Disk Creator.

Browse the backtrack iso in "Source disk image (.iso)", chose USB Flash Drive will be use in "Disk to Use" , Then make a bootable backtrack USB Flash Drive by "Make Start Disk". All of data in your flash Drive will not erase if you not click the tab "Erase Disk" and it's better if you prepare the Flash Drive in FAT file system
Installing Backtrack on USB Flash Drive via Windows Family 
Before we start, clean all data in flash drive, then extract backtrack .iso/image file using winrar or other file extractor and copy all file into your USB Flash Drive (*note : don't copy including the folder, just file inside the folder). if all proccess complate go to terminal (cmd) then change directory into USB Flash Drive (cd) and execute bootinst.bat. If there is no error message while processing, congratulation you have backtrack running in your USB Flash Drive.