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This tutorial will help you with our practical suggestions about what to do after installing Trisquel 11 on your computer and laptop. This is intended mainly for beginner users especially those new in GNU/Linux world. Lastly, we wish easy computing for you with software freedom. Now let's practice.

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Basics You Should Know

Trisquel is a fully libre operating system. 

Fully libre means fully free software. It is different to common distros like Ubuntu and the others. It is useful for you to study about free software and distinguish it from proprietary software. Learn more at What is Free Software? The Definition.

Online package search facility.

Visit to search for packages by keyword. This is an excellently useful facility. From there, you can tell whether your favorite software is available in Trisquel or not, by what version, and what OS release. 

Full Documentation

Visit for Trisquel has a comprehensive and complete user guide there. Setting up a printer? A network? A server? You can read them all here.

1. Software Updates

First time to do is to make sure your Trisquel computer ready to install applications if you have internet access. Open start menu -> Accessories -> MATE Terminal -> press Enter after typing command line below:

$ sudo apt-get update 


Once it is finished, you can install more programs and games using Synaptic Package Manager can be found in the start menu.

2. Internet Access

Some new Trisquel users will face internet access issue as certain wifi devices will not work (for example, Broadcom 4313). In such case, you can to make use of USB tethering from phone as today most people have one and later you can consider to get a wifi device replacement for your computer (for example, ThinkPenguin).

3. Setup Your File Manager / Disk Drives

Trisquel should open ("mount") all disk drives on login so you do not have to repeatedly mount them manually. Follow this tutorial using GNOME Disk Utility.

4. Setup Your Desktop Icons

Put icons on desktop. Drag and drop an application from start menu onto wallpaper. Drag and drop a folder from Caja File Manager onto wallpaper. Drag and drop a document from it onto wallpaper.

5. Setup Better Start Menu

For faster access, like what we did with the previous Trisquel releases, we can instead use applications menu with search bar. That'd be more efficient to work than the default one. Read the tutorial here.

6. Setup Your Web Browser and Email

The web browser of Trisquel is named Abrowser (a modified version of Firefox). Once the internet access is on, you can surf the web as you wish.

The email client of Trisquel is Icedove (a modified version of Thunderbird). You can setup your Gmail (or other email service) on your Trisquel box by following the initial setup.

7. Enjoy Entertainment!

Trisquel can play movies out of the box thanks to the inclusion of VLC Media Player. Aside from those popular format, it can also play other formats, especially the free-from-patent ones, WEBM, OGG and MKV. Here's a football match of Juventus vs Manchester United.

Trisquel also offers big games (we mean those with size over one-third GB) fun to play such as:

0 A.D. (zero ay-dee): a 3D RTS similar to Age of Empires.

MegaGlest: another 3D RTS with RPG elements with colors similar to Warcraft III.

Nexuiz: an 3D FPS to shoot enemies with teams.


Red Eclipse: another FPS, more modern with online gameplay available.

Super Tux Kart: 3D racing you can play two-player with your kids.

Warzone 2100: a futuristic 3D RTS.


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