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Monday, October 30, 2023 at 20:46

This tutorial will help you configure font replacements on LibreOffice. This means the computer will automatically replace a font in an opened document with an existing font on your Ubuntu system, for example, replacing Times New Roman with a very identical font like FreeSerif. This is useful for teachers and students in increasing document compatibility/readability for themselves. This is applicable for all application suites including Writer, Calc and Impress. See also a companion of this article List of Alternative Fonts to know more and download them. Now let's take care of it.

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Any font installed in Ubuntu system.






1. Run LibreOffice Writer.

2. Open menu Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Fonts.

3. Replacement Table will show. 

4. Check 'Apply replacement table' option.

5. To create a replacement, under Font: option, write a font name to be replaced.

6. Then, under Replace with: option, write a font name as a replacement.

7. To add, click Check Mark to the right of it. (to remove, click the Cross Mark instead).

8. A replacement is created in the list.

9. Check 'Always' option to the left of the replacement entry.

10. Repeat step 5-9 to make more font replacements. See picture below as example. Click OK to finish making font replacements.

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