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Friday, September 15, 2023 at 23:16

Here's our compilation of recommended applications and games for Debian 12 users. We write this especially for those who use GNOME Desktop but it works with any other desktop too. You will find below bonus recommendation links where you can download and try out ready to use sample documents or templates to be productive. We hope this will be helpful for you. So what to wait? Let's try it out.

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1. For Office Document Purposes

Debian 12 includes LibreOffice. Pictures above depict examples of LibreOffice uses in real world. Here's a short explanation and instant tips.

Writer (blue) can be used to import, edit and save Word documents. For example, tons of templates from can be adopted into open document text (odt) with it. 

Calc (green) for excellent spreadsheet work purposes. For example, a lot of Excel templates from can be adopted into open document spreadsheet (ods) with it. See for example Family Budget Planner below adopted into Calc.

Impress (orange) for impressive presentation making purposes. A lot of PowerPoint templates from various sources, including Harvard Medical School below, originally in pptx format, can be adopted into open document presentation (odp) with it. If you want to grab some templates, this website for example can be a good start.


2. For Graphics, Photos and Drawing Purposes

Inkscape, the illustrator application, is a full featured vector graphic editor supported by very active community people. It has a wealth amount of high-quality drawing documents freely downloadable in their Gallery Webpage. For example, below is About Screen by Chris Hildenbrand entitled New discoveries await....


3. For Designing House Interior

SweetHome3D is a beautiful application like SketchUp but specified for interior furniture and floor plan design instead. This application got a very healthy community with a wealth-amount of high-quality sample documents. To try this out, download one example from Gallery Webpage (in .sh3d format) and open in SweetHome3D. For example


4. For Fun

See also our Games Collection for Debian Bookworm.

Why not play some games? Debian users need to have fun, too. We have Warzone 2100 to invite you eliminate all enemies' bases.  You can fight in either one player or multiplayer or even online. It is a very fun game to play while sipping a cup of coffee, if you like.