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This tutorial will show you how to get latest version of Debian GNU/Linux operating system from the internet for desktop, laptop, and server purposes. Debian is a universal, free, libre, and open source software (FLOSS) for everyone. With this, we want to help many Debian new comers especially those whose English is not they language who do not know where and which file to download in order to install and run Debian on their computers. Finally, this tutorial accompanies the other one, Debian Downloading Guide for Older Versions, you can also read if you wish. Now let's start downloading.

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When talking about Debian, it is necessary for us to first understand several terms used by Debian as the following:

Install CD / DVD: the Debian full installer. This is the version equal to Microsoft Windows CD installer (can install only, no LiveCD).

Live installer: the Debian Live version with installer capability. This is the version equal to Ubuntu CD installer (can install and also LiveCD).

Flavors: the Debian Live Desktop Variants. These are equal to Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu variants to Ubuntu Desktop.

Netinstall: the Debian small installer version which requires internet to work. This is the version equal to Arch GNU/Linux installer (command line-driven, no graphics).

Images: not photos, but the Debian Installer files you download in .iso file extension.

BitTorrent: an alternative way so user can download Install CD, Live Installer, or Netinstall faster, more reliable, and error-resistant. Requires additional software.

i386 and amd64: PC 32-bit and PC 64-bit architectures respectively, regardless the brands of both Intel and AMD. Choose the suitable one for your PC architecture.

1. Visit Debian Website and then

Type the above link on your web browser and press Enter. You will visit Debian The Universal Operating System website. Click the DOWNLOAD link / button appear on the front.  Continue next section.

(Debian website in 2022)


2. Visit Main Download Page and then

On the 'Thank you for Downloading Debian' page, under 'Other Installers' section, click / go to Getting Debian link.

Debian main download page will connect to multiple pages

(Getting Debian is the central of all downloads)
Continue next section.

3. Choose Either Debian Installer or Debian Live

On the 'Debian on CDs/DVDs' page, if you want to install a full Debian DVD or CD, go to / click the link Download CD/DVD Images using HTTP. See picture below.  

(This page is the central info on getting Debian, including buying and downloading it)

Alternatively, still on the same page, if you want to have Debian Live Flavours instead (GNOME, KDE, Xfce etc.), go to Download Live images using HTTP... See picture below.

(Debian Live exists under the same download page)

4. Download Debian Installer

Step 1. Once you went to Download CD/DVD Images using HTTP page, click Download Official CD/DVD images of the "stable" release. You will jump down to the download section.

(This page is the actual download page of all Debian)

Step 2. Under 'Official ... "stable" release' section, you will have to choose between 32-bit or 64-bit for your computer. In Debian terminology, choose either i386 or amd64.

(This page section leads to Debian architecture selection)
We will give you example of choosing the DVD, the PC 64-bit (amd64) architecture version of Debian.

Step 3. Debian Download Page will open.  Scroll down to see all download links as Debian download pages are typically long.

(This page is the actual download page of a Debian version)

Step 4. Click debian-11.4.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso * to download Debian.

(This page is the place where user download the actual ISO image of Debian) 

Step 5. You are downloading Debian. 

(Web browser is downloading Debian 11 DVD amd64)

Step 6. Once finished, Debian downloaded.

*) Debian version constantly changed so this file name will change in the future but you should understand the gist.

5. Download Debian Live (Alternative)

If you want Debian Live-Installer instead of Debian Installer-Only, do as the following:

Step 1. Visit the Live Install Images page

Step 2. Scroll down the page to see the download links.

Step 3. Under DVD/USB section, select either PC 64-bit and PC 32-bit. 

We will give you example of downloading Debian Live amd64 KDE edition among other choices.

Step 4. Debian Live download page will open. Scroll down to see the download links. 

Step 5. Click debian-live-11.4.0-amd64-kde.iso.*

Step 6. You are downloading Debian Live. 

Step 7. Once finished, Debian Live downloaded. 

Step 8. Repeat steps above to download any other Debian Live Editions if you wish.

*) Debian Live versions are available as multiple editions, from Cinnamon to Xfce choices, and the version numbers also change constantly so tomorrow's file names will change in the future but you should already got the gist.



Once downloaded, now you have a copy of Debian ISO image ready to use. What you should do now? You need to burn the image file into a DVD or write it to make a bootable instead. You can use GNOME Disk Utility for that purpose. Finally, you can follow our latest Debian Install Guide for making your computer works with Debian GNU/Linux even in dualbooting mode with Microsoft Windows. Happy downloading!


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