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Trisquel 11 is officially released at the time of LibrePlanet Conference 2023 on 19 March marking its nineteenth years. The website announcement is published on Monday, 20 March, by emphasizing that now it is based on Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish" LTS, will be supported for five years until 2027 and supporting even more architecture including ARM64 and POWER. Now as the tradition goes, we publish the news with the download links, mirrors, torrents and checksums including necessary how to's like making bootable and installing it to all dear readers. Happy downloading!

 (Trisquel 11 desktop picture from Trisquel Website)
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All Trisquel Editions

Trisquel 11 is available as the following: 

By architectures: 

  • PC 64-bit
  • ARM 32-bit
  • ARM 64-bit
  • (PC 32-bit is not available anymore)

By editions: 

  • Trisquel Regular with MATE desktop suitable for all.
  • Triskel with KDE desktop suitable for medium and powerful computers.
  • Trisquel Mini with LXDE desktop suitable for older laptops and PCs.
  • Trisquel Sugar with Sugar Toast desktop suitable for children education.
  • Network installer image suitable for server purposes, customizations, as well as installation of the new edition Trisquel GNOME.
  • Source images are the full source code of the whole Trisquel software distribution.

How To Download

  1. Click one of download links available below. 
  2. You will immediately download an image file with .iso extension in its name by size ranging between 2-3GB.
  3. Once downloaded, you need to verify your file with the corresponding checksum numbers. It should matched, otherwise you need to redownload. 
  4. Once verified, you can make a bootable medium using a DVD or a USB.
  5. Run the bootable medium on your computer. 
  6. Run Live session of Trisquel. 
  7. Install Trisquel to your computer if you are ready.
  8. Consider donating to help fund Trisquel GNU/Linux development at

Download Trisquel

  • Description: Trisquel 11 Regular Edition
  • Desktop environment: MATE
  • LiveCD capable: yes
  • Size: 3GB
  • Architecture: amd64

Other Editions

As mentioned above, Trisquel 11 brings various editions the user can choose. We listed here eight of them sorted alphabetically from A to H.

A. Download Trisquel Mini Edition

  • Description: Trisquel 11 for older and low-specs computers
  • Desktop environment: LXDE
  • LiveCD capable: yes
  • Size: 1.5GB
  • Architecture: amd64

B. Download Trisquel KDE Edition

  • Description: also known as Triskel, Trisquel 11 for people who want KDE or Windows-like visuals
  • Desktop environment: KDE Plasma
  • LiveCD capable: yes
  • Size: 2.5 GB
  • Architecture: amd64

C. Download Trisquel Sugar TOAST Edition

  • Desscription: also known as Trisquel Sugar Labs, Trisquel 11 for children, pre-school and educational purposes
  • Desktop environment: Sugar
  • LiveCD capable: yes
  • Size: 1.5 GB
  • Architecture: amd64

D. Download Trisquel Netinstall Edition

  • Description: Trisquel 11 installer for server and internet based installation
  • Desktop environment: none
  • LiveCD capable: no
  • Size: 50 MB
  • Architecture: amd64

E. Download Trisquel 11 for ARM 32-bit

  • Description: Trisquel 11 edition for use with Raspberry Pi computers alike
  • Desktop environment: none
  • Size: 270 MB
  • LiveCD capable: no
  • Architecture: armhf


F. Download Trisquel 11 for ARM64 

  • Description: Trisquel 11 edition for use with Chromebook, PineBook, RaspberryPi 64, RockPro etc. as long as it is ARM64
  • Desktop environment: none
  • Size: 270 MB
  • LiveCD capable: no
  • Architecture: armhf



G. Download Trisquel 11 for PowerPC

  • Description: Trisquel 11 edition for use with POWERPC 64-bit Little Endian computer architecture like Raptor Talos.
  • Desktop environment: none
  • Size: 380 MB
  • LiveCD capable: no
  • Architecture: ppc64el

H. Download Trisquel Source Code

  • Description: Trisquel 11 source code ISO image, required to be redistributed if one wants to redistribute or resell Trisquel
  • Desktop environment: all
  • LiveCD capable: no
  • Size: 9GB
  • Architecture: all (source code)

Below are list of SHA256SUM hash checksums of Trisquel 11 images taken from the official. Verify your downloaded image files by reading this verification guide before you install it to your computer.

9de7fcb1f45fceaeb65779534e10ab587cf5e4b816f24f7f1368733ff4863bb0  triskel_10.0.1_amd64.iso
6db90d9c5576f370073510760a9d7ddc25361deab618b70410e0b136c913c0d6 triskel_11.0_amd64.iso
08393b1d4dcb453bb34cd79305d51870db1e81105066ef3927a51a8a561b1d05 trisquel-base_10.0.1_armhf.tar.bz2
1b758db434a6bd73cf71efa09208f4d8c4e84ee0eb49609f3ec4ce47cb9999eb trisquel-base_11.0_arm64.tar.bz2
b41a31c8c9d7ebcc3795599d339e3b4433222e0ccc9c180ec4960b19ab12d9b0 trisquel-base_11.0_armhf.tar.bz2
09a94755bb7b15d401731c16e2a6e3002afa5787785b3a83b7816aa8e608948a trisquel-base_11.0_ppc64el.tar.bz2
0b8243b434f949ac70dc9f45015418bd4b483638c36232dc60bb718c41176a82 trisquel-mini_10.0.1_amd64.iso
56715b9bda1bdc13cbfabcb9b8136e92a01fbdf8e9b30c44ab247838fba70085 trisquel-mini_11.0_amd64.iso
8458baa28cc04bfcd55e2021c72e1aeff1a691154d726b0d1f413728497d4762 trisquel-netinst_10.0.1_amd64.iso
e03ce31ec52dc55da9bb78f2a850c3c24f8ca371871e232873af421ad274c266 trisquel-netinst_11.0_amd64.iso
b3c404d5debcd2983f1266ea77d9a8516c006c8130cda892a2ce4d3091397a3a trisquel-sugar_10.0.1_amd64.iso
6b2b86c5b23cbf7645d349e83a47785cbd941fc187cc54e3de39cf51c3724f22 trisquel-sugar_11.0_amd64.iso
c0f7b905cc545f6cb784bd111d217c05bb67737798d7afc575402f263dea7ffc trisquel_10.0.1_amd64.iso
d72d6bee07ca8e632f4267fba37b21e5cbbcdac37ab55657103ba2de0fc0db7d trisquel_10.0.1_sources.iso
1f76c98b35129ceebb7400afeeef26c570e93e013c26dc2f0d93e2a7b13859f6 trisquel_11.0_amd64.iso
c091e906f5c7d040bda6fcbaab36196b259883aae57cbd25a39e252af016be79 trisquel_11.0_sources.tar

Happy downloading!

About Trisquel 11

Trisquel, originated from Spain, is a version of GNU operating system with the Linux kernel, also known as GNU/Linux distribution, that is fully free software meaning free as in freedom and fully usable for most computer users meaning it is available for desktop, server and embedded devices. It empowers real laptop computers sold on the internet shops such as those in Respects Your Freedom and the others. It is based on Ubuntu Stable Long Term Support, funded by donation and developed by community around the world via the internet and live conferences. Its first version was released back in 2004 and the latest version is 11 codenamed Aramo with a Sierra del Aramo mountain photo as its default wallpaper.


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