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This tutorial will help you create course marketing using LibreOffice Writer. This can also be used for other marketing purposes such as culinary and medical. We have already prepared the pictures and text and you can download them then try the exercises at home step by step to achieve the final product. We make this as avid users of Ubuntu and fans of Canonical. Happy writing!


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LibreOffice Writer



All required materials below can be downloaded as a ZIP file. Feel free to take it and use it for your exercises.

background.png  as the base to place all other items and text. It is prepared beforehand with Inkscape.

picture-1.png is a screenshot of Ubuntu for the top area. Already cropped.

picture-2.png is a screenshot of Ubuntu for the bottom area. Already cropped.

logo-1.png is Ubuntu logo.

logo-2.png is Canonical logo.

flyer-text.txt is all the text in plain text form. 

Ubuntu Font is the font. 

Click here to download: [9MB] containing all materials and final documents.

(An overview of all files used in this tutorial)


From left to right, (1) the basic sketchy lines design (2) the design added with colors (3) added with a cropped picture and drop shadows and (4) final product. Design 1, 2 ,3 are done in Inkscape and is available as premade picture. Design 4 is done in LibreOffice Writer.

From top to bottom, this is the design of flyer on Writer.  It shows what font, what size, what items and in which position they should be created. We will follow this design to make it.

Once you prepared all required material and tool, you can start the Method.


Step 1. Making a Writer document for flyer.

Create a new document on Writer. 

Go to Format > Page Style > change paper size to A5 > change paper margin Left to 1 cm > OK.  

(Formatting the page size and margins)

Step 2. Insert background to page

Go to Format > Page Style > Area > select Image > click Add / Import Image > select background.png > select Scretch view mode > OK > now the page has the background. 

(Inserting background picture)

Step 3. Edit paragraph styles

Go to menu Styles > Edit Styles (F11) > a Styles dialog will show > right-click Heading 1 > Modify > Paragraph Style dialog will open for Heading 1.

On the dialog, go to Font > change font to Ubuntu Bold 46pt > OK. 

Repeat step 3 for Heading 2, Heading 3, and Default Paragraph Style according to the Design.

(An example of editing a paragraph style following a design)

Step 4. Insert pictures

Add picture-1.png into top-right corner of the page. You can use drag-and-drop or copy-paste method as you wish. Select picture > click Anchor > To Paragraph. 

Add picture-2.png onto bottom area on the page over the third circle. Select picture > click Anchor > To Paragraph.

Add logo-1.png to the top area. Set its Anchor = To Paragraph.

Add logo-2.png beside it. Set its Anchor = To Paragraph.

Resize and rearrange them as you see fit.

(Inserting and positioning the pictures in the document) 

Step 5. Insert text

From top to bottom, write the text from "COMPUTER TRAINING ..." down to "... business & university presentations".

(An example of edited text after being written and formatted)

Now, format the text accordingly based on Design. 

Select the first text and give it Heading 1 by changing Default Paragraph Text on toolbar into Heading 1.

Select the 2nd text and give it Heading 2 same way. 

Let the other text as Default Paragraph Style.

Step 6. Insert text boxes

There are total of 6 text boxes used in this flyer design. 

Click Insert > Text Box. 

Drag and drop to make a box over the first orange circle.

Write into it "FROM $10/WEEK".

Create 2nd text box over the second orange circle. 


Create 3rd text box below the circles and write "Learning process is easy and based on priorities of what you needs."

 (An overview of the edited text boxes after being formatted)

Create 4th text box below it and write "We use fully free software and open source (FOSS) in practical and work-oriented ways."

Create 5th text box below it over the orange bar to the bottom and write "Computer Training Center Mojokerto City, East Java, Indonesia 61352". 

Create 6th text box beside it over the purple bar and write "0895340734801".

Format each text box according to the Design. 

Tip: you can arrange your windows side by side between Writer and the final flyer picture to help yourself.

Step 7. Save, export and print

Go to File > Save > name it flyer-ubuntu-training.odt > OK. 

To export it as picture, go to File > Export > select PNG from the format selector at the bottom > OK. 

(An example of exporting document as PNG picture)

To export it as PDF, go to File > Export as PDF > OK. 

To evaluate it before printing, go to File > Print Preview. 

To print it, go to File > Print > select a printer available printers > OK. 

 (Printing in LibreOffice Writer) 

Final Result 

Our flyer artwork should look like below on LibreOffice Writer. Congratulations for making your flyer with Writer!



We would love to thank for one of their flyer Computer Class Poster for Your Academy inspired us to make this using Writer.


This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.