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Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 23:29

Congratulations to the community for the latest release of elementary OS 7! This is the 7th edition of the OS, released January 2023 and is based on Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish. This traditional welcome article want to help you to download it via direct or torrent method as well as verify the checksum. You can download it using any computer device you have regardless it is powered by Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS, or Android. You may also consider to support back elementary OS Project by donating explained at the end. Finally, happy downloading!

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About elementary OS

elementary OS is a computer operating system originated from United States that is fast, beautiful and secure that can run on your desktop and laptop as an alternative to Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. It is a free libre open source software (FOSS) operating system developed based on long-term support versions of Ubuntu GNU/Linux and comes with its own technologies such as Pantheon user interface, AppCenter, and elementary Apps. Finally, there are branded elementary OS laptops available from several manufacturers namely Laptop With Linux, Slimbook and Star Labs.


Downloading Requirements

1. Web browser

2. BitTorrent client (for torrent method)

*) we recommend Transmission BitTorrent Client for Windows and MacOS and LibreTorrent for Android user.


Download using Normal Method

Start with this if you do not know how to start. 

1. Go to 

2. Scroll down to "Pay what you can:" section.

3. Type "0" into Custom box. 

4. The button switched from "Purchase" into "Download elementary OS".

5. Click the button > a dialog will show > click Download.

6. You are downloading elementary OS 7. 

7. Once finished, you will have a file named elementaryos-7.0-stable.20230129rc.iso by size 2.5GB. Now proceed to Verify section below.



Download using BitTorrent Method

1. Visit elementary OS website.

2. Do like in the Normal method, but click "U" button instead. It is called "Magnet Link" also known as BitTorrent download method.

3. Browser will ask you to open the link with a specific program > select Open Link.

  • On Kubuntu, this will automatically open KTorrent
  • On Windows and MacOS, you may need to select Transmission.
  • On Android, you may need to select LibreTorrent.  

4. BitTorrent program will ask you location to save the file > select a directory as you wish > OK > download starting. 

5. Once finished, a BitTorrent program will show status "100%" or "seeding" and the file name is elementaryos-7.0-stable.20230129rc.iso by size 2.5GB.

(An example of KTorrent downloading OS 7 by 2.5GB size and 4MB/s speed)

Verify Downloaded File

The downloaded file name should be elementaryos-7.0-stable.20230129rc.iso. This file type is called ISO image file. It should be verified OK before used to run, try and install elementary OS on a computer otherwise it will not work. The method to verify is by checking whether the checksum (identity numbers) of the downloaded file matches the original checksum.

1. Finish the download using one of two methods above.

2. Run the command line below towards the ISO file:

$ sha256sum elementaryos-7.0-stable.20230129rc.iso

3. The result of the command will be a very long line of numbers and letters.

4. Copy that resulting text line.

5. Paste into elementary OS official checksum webpage using Find (Ctrl+F)

If it is OK, both identities should match and give green color.

If it is NOT (meaning you should re-download), both identities do not match and give red color. 

We have a copy of the official SHA256 checksum (identity numbers) below: 

Once the ISO image file is verified OK, you can proceed to the installation. 

Install OS 7 to Computer or Laptop

To install OS 7 to a desktop computer or laptop, one should prepare minimum/recommended requirements and then do the installation process until finished. Please note that OS 7 can be installed along with other operating systems such as Windows, MacOS or GNU/Linux in dualbooting mode.


  • CPU: Intel Core i3 
  • RAM: 4GB 
  • Disk: Solid State Drive (SSD) 32GB
  • Input: keyboard and mouse/touchpad 
  • Display: 1024x768 


Installation Guide 

Read the documentation (archived). 

Contribute Back to elementary OS

The OS development is funded by donation from the community. You may consider donating to support and foster the development by several ways:

  • Select $10, $20, $30 or any other amount, instead of zero then click Purchase. 
  • Send donation with other methods such as PayPal, GitHub Sponsor, Liberapay or Patreon
  • Purchase official elementary OS laptop manufactured by Laptop With Linux, Slimbook and Star Labs.
  • Purchase their merchandises you love such as t-shirt, pillow, mug, laptop sleeve, mousepad etc. at the Shop (same link as the laptop).


Happy computing!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.