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For students and academic people who use Ubuntu, especially those who meet statistics, you will likely ask for IBM SPSS alternatives that run on Ubuntu. There are several Free and Open Source software packages for statistical analysis available and they can help you switch from SPSS, Excel or SAS. Descriptive, ANOVA, Bayesian and other analysis methods are supported built-in. By this article we want to introduce LibreOffice Calc, GNU R, JASP and Jamovi.

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1. LibreOffice Calc

Calc, the spreadsheet part of LibreOffice, features amazing statistical analysis capability like SPSS including ANOVA. We placed Calc at first because it is preinstalled on Ubuntu already requiring you nothing more to install. It supports multiple formats from Excel (.xls .xlsx), Open Document (.ods) and Comma Separated Value (.csv). To access the statistics feature, open menu Data > Statistics > choose one analysis type e.g. Descriptive Analysis.



It is a free as in freedom replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it with a few exceptions. -- GNU PSPP

The SPSS replacement from our GNU operating system, PSPP.  You will find PSPP the closest alternative to SPSS considering its user interface as well as the great similarity in user experience. It supports SPSS, LibreOffice Calc, Gnumeric, TXT and CSV formats.

3. GNU R and RStudio


R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. -- GNU R

Open source & professional software for data science teams - RStudio

The R Language from our GNU operating system, a special computing language for statistical analysis, is also considered as a great SPSS alternative, especially when combined with RStudio program, the graphical editor. |



A Fresh Way to Do Statistics -- JASP

This is a modern statistical analysis software from Netherlands sponsored by University of Amsterdam. JASP can read SPSS file format, as well as other formats from LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel (CSV), and SAS. It is used by teachers in 230+ universities all over the world and still increasing.

5. jamovi

free and open statistical software to bridge the gap between researcher and statistician -- jamovi

This is a modern statistical analysis software from Australia developed by community, user friendly and intuitive on the interface, is based on and compatible with GNU R language. They claimed over 300 universities use Jamovi with a lot of testimonies including those who switched from SPSS.

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