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Friday, December 3, 2021 at 06:42

This tutorial explains how to install a full Qt Software Development Kit with C++ programming language on Parabola and Hyperbola GNU/Linux systems. If you have installed either one system with either KDE Plasma or GNOME Desktop, you are ready to go.

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On Parabola GNU/Linux, we can install a full set of Qt Software Development Kit including GNU G++ compiler for three different kinds of computer namely i686 (PC 32-bit), x86_64 (PC 64-bit), and armv7h (ARM 32-bit, version 7 hard-float like Raspberry Pi 2).

First, install the compiler and note that g++ is included inside the gcc package.

$ pacman -S gcc 

Then, install the Qt Software Development Kit including the base libraries, documentation, and full code examples.

$ pacman -S qt5-base qt5-doc qt5-examples

Then, install Qt Creator, the integrated development kit.

$ pacman -Sd qtcreator 

Please note,  here we use -Sd or even -Sdd meaning installing by ignoring the package dependencies, because at the moment Parabola has a confirmed issue with clang=11.x.x compiler dependency that can be solved by ignoring it. Next time this issue solved, you can just use -S instead of -Sd normally. 

(Parabola GNOME with Wayland session running Qt Creator)


On Hyperbola GNU/Linux, we can install a full set of Qt SDK on two kinds of computer, namely i686 and x86_64.  

First, we install the C++ compiler.

# pacman -S gcc

Then, we install the Qt SDK without the editor.

# pacman -S qt-base qt5-doc qt5-examples

Lastly, we install the editor, that is, Qt Creator. 

# pacman -S qtcreator

Please note that on Hyperbola, at the moment installation of Qt Creator goes normally without error against clang=11.x.x. If you see such error next time, please use -Sdd instead of -S in the command line.

(Hyperbola KDE running Qt Creator)

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