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Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 10:46

This tutorial will explain how to have Parabola computer operating system with KDE Plasma Desktop in step by step. Let's start!

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Step 1. Install Parabola

Follow Parabola GNOME Install Guide just up to Step 5 just enough to get a working minimum system without a desktop. This might take your time by 2-4 hours. Once finished, continue next step.

 (Several last command lines of a Parabola System installation)

Step 2. Install KDE Plasma

First, install the whole desktop environment and everything necessary to make it works plus KDE Applications. On our system, this will download about 1GB of software packages.

# pacman -S plasma-meta kde-applications 

Then, we create normal user's username and password by both 'master' and 'master' as explained in the Installation Guide above. 

# useradd -m master
# passwd master
# gpasswd -a master wheel
# gpasswd -a master video
# gpasswd -a master audio
# gpasswd -a master network

Then, enable the display manager, the login screen, so computer will welcome you and ask for username and password every time you power it on.

# systemctl enable sddm

Note: we use Parabola Systemd Edition here and not the OpenRC one thus the command line is systemctl not rc-update.

Finally, reboot and continue next step.

# reboot 

 (How KDE Plasma installation process would look like on a Parabola System)

Step 3. Login

  • Username: master
  • Password: master

First, you will see your Parabola computer greets you. Then, enter your normal user's password following the example above. Finally, you will see your Parabola KDE Plasma ready to use. Congratulations!

Happy hacking!

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