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Most operating systems can be downloaded in several ways we can choose which are usualy direct links and torrents. Unique among them, openSUSE is one that can be downloaded in another way which is called Metalink. It is a way of download, a technology, that joins direct links, mirrors and torrents in one to improve download speed and fix errors automatically. If you want to download this way, even for stuffs other than openSUSE, then this article is for you. What I can tell you as a daily torrent downloader is that Metalink is really fast. Now let's try.

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To do this, we need programs that support Metalink technology you may choose:

- Aria2, installable on any OS

- KGet, installable on any GNU/Linux

On Ubuntu, you can install both tools by a command line below:

$ sudo apt-get install aria2 kget


Where to download openSUSE is the download place of openSUSE. For a release, openSUSE may release a bunch of download options which user can choose, which are normal download (.iso), mirror download (.iso), BitTorrent download (.torrent) and Metalink (.meta4) and old Metalink (.metalink).


Where to find metalink downloads

To find that metalink option to download by example of openSUSE Leap 64 bit Full DVD:

1. Go to download place.

2. Find the page where all DOWNLOAD buttons available. 

3. Click the option button and find Metalink and click. This will download a file which name ended with .meta4. This can be downloaded with ARIA2.

4. Alternatively, click the option button and find Pick Mirror and click. On the new page opened, click the link which ended with .metalink. This can be downloaded with KGet. 

Download Metalink with ARIA

You are expected to master the basics of command lines to do these.

1. Run Terminal. 

2. Go to the download folder. 

3. Find the file which name ended with .meta4. 

4. Run the aria2c command line followed by the file name, for example:

$ aria2c opensuse-x-y-z.iso.meta4

5. Wait for the download to finish. 

To pause, press Ctrl+C. To resume, simply repeat the same command in the same directory.

Download Metalink with KGet

An easy and user friendly way to do Metalink download is by using KGet.

1. Run KGet. 

2. Drag and drop the .metalink file from browser to KTorrent window. 

3. Alternatively, drag and drop the .metalink file from file manager.

4. KGet will ask you further the file(s) to be downloaded and in this example it is openSUSE by 4 GB size so give check mark to the file you want and click OK.

5. Wait for the download to be finished.

In this example, on a broadband connection I usually use I got a 8 MegaByte per second speed (openSUSE will finish in 15 minutes) with Metalink while usually I can only get maximum 3 MB/s with BitTorrent.

About openSUSE

openSUSE is a German originated computer operating system with green lizard logo that is free, libre, and open source software. As an OS, openSUSE can be installed to any PC, laptop and server just the same as any other OSes like Windows or MacOS.  openSUSE is developed by a team of community, funded by SUSE company, with world wide community members based on GNU/Linux operating system and is tightly related to the commercial SUSE Linux Enterprise operating system. It is popular with its easy to use thanks to YaST feature that represents a central of all aspects of openSUSE's configurations starting from the system install to everything else. It is made available in two choices, Leap and Tumbleweed, to fulfill the needs of both Stable and Latest Technology for all users. Visit its website at


About Metalink

Metalink is a technology to download big files over the internet. It downloads by combining normal download links, mirrors, and P2P in one resulting in faster download speed -- can even faster than BitTorrent. Several operating systems provide their downloads as Metalinks, as an alternative offering to Direct Link, Mirrors and Torrent, for example, openSUSE and MidnightBSD and also do great free software projects like LibreOffice. To download Metalink, user should use a program that supports Metalink, for example, like Aria2 and KGet mentioned above. Visit its website at

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