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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 23:53

Continuing the downloads, now here's our traditional What To Do article for OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 (made easy for Ubuntu users). This includes how to install more software, setup several stuff on the desktop, and getting started to the Control Center. I wish you really enjoy this!

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Package Repository Setup


First thing to do on OpenMandriva Lx is to update our repository. Go to start menu > run Software Repository Selector > switch the repository choice to Rock > mark as enabled two choices Main and Unsupported options > OK > let it finish the process > OpenMandriva is ready to install and update you software packages. This setup is similar to our usual Ubuntu with Main + Universe setup.

Install More Software

Run DnfDragora to grab more applications to your computer. Alternatively, you can instead run Discover which looks more fancy for most users. Technically, on Konsole, you use DNF command lines to do that. Yes, in fact since version 4.0 OpenMandriva made use of the package manager best known as Fedora's and Red Hat's one.

Familiarize Yourself with OMCC

On OpenMandriva Lx, everything can be controlled in OM Control Center. You find it at start menu and type Control Center and run it. You find there software management aside from configurations for keyboard, mouse, printer, services as well as security and firewall. It is organized like a book, open a page to see a configuration from the page list at the top.

For example, here Systemd (the init system shared with Ubuntu) got a beautiful graphical setup. You can find it at Security > Configure your firewall. Another example, firewall also got a nice graphical dialog. You can find it too at System > System > Services Management.




As an example, I cannot login to Ubuntu Buzz with Falkon (formerly QupZilla), the built in browser. So I get back my Firefox right away and I can remove the other browser after that. Alternatively, you can pick instead Waterfox.

- Using Dnfdragora: go to start menu > find Dnfdragora > search firefox > mark the package firefox > click Apply > OK > wait > Firefox installed. 

- Using Konsole: press Ctrl+Alt+T > a terminal will open > type the command line > wait > Firefox installed. 




In my hardware, a ThinkPad laptop, OpenMandriva's brightness shines so bright it cannot be decreased, so I do alternative way either turning on the Night Light feature or simply adjust it using a command line.

- Night Light: open start menu > run Night Color > System Settings will open > mark Activate Night Color > adjust the color  > Apply > adjust it again to your eyes convenience.

- Command: open up Konsole and type xrandr --output LVDS-1 --brightness 0.3 and press Enter to reduce the brightness to 30%.

Desktop Edges

There is an inconvenience, that is, arangging a window upon a screen edge will open the workspace next door instead of snapping it as 1/4 of screen. To disable this behavior, open start menu > search Screen Edges > run it > System Settings will open > unmark the option 'Switch desktop on edge' > Apply > done.

Shortcut Keys

Finally, on OpenMandriva Lx, every shortcut key can be readjusted as you wish. As an example, switching between four workspaces must use clicks and has not been assigned with any shortcut yet. To adjust a shortcut key: open start menu > find Shortcuts > System Settings will open > type 'switch' > you found features related which are ready to assign custom shortcuts to > select Switch One Desktop Down and assign one shortcut key > assign one to Switch One Desktop to the Left > assign one to Switch One Desktop to the Right > lastly assign one to Switch One Desktop Up > Apply. Now test it!

That's all. I wish you like it!

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