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Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 11:50

Continuing the intro, now we will try LibreOffice Online with team collaboration. This allows you and friends (a team) altogether to edit a document simultaneously via the internet. It supports computer, laptop, as well as Android device users. How to do that? This simple tutorial explains it step by step for you.

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The Basics

  • You need to have an account.
  • Your friends do not, as they can edit anonymously. 
  • However, if your friends do have, it is better.

Follow the previous tutorial to get access to LibreOffice Online. After that, you can follow the rest of this tutorial.


Create Writer Document

Once created, you can invite people to edit it together. Click here if you don't know how.

Invite Friends to Edit

  • Click Share button (on top, three dots connected with two lines). 
  • Sidebar on right appears with multiple options.
  • Click Sharing.
  • Click three dots (more options) button.
  • Give check mark to Allow Editing, so person other than you can edit.
  • Give check mark to Password Protect, and create a password, so only person who knows the password can edit. [This is optional]
  • Give check mark to Set Expiration Date, and select a date, so this document will be not editable by other person after that date. [This is optional]
  • Click the paste (clipboard) button to copy the link.
  • Send the link to your friends via notes, emails, messengers or other means.


Editing Together

Once a friend clicked the link, he/she will open your document on the web browser, asked for a name, asked for the password if any, and finally can edit the document together with you at the same time. The name asked will be used as identifier when a team working together. 

From document owner's view:

From a friend's laptop's view:

From another friend's Android phone's view:

To start editing, Android user should tap the blue circle (Pen) button.


Toolbar is shown at the bottom of the screen after tapping the Pen button. 


This is certainly great improvement to Free Software as now the best office suite, LibreOffice, got online for real and got team collaboration feature as well. Thank you The Document Foundation for making LibreOffice, thank you Collabora for making the online version, thank you Nextcloud for making the online integration, and I will not forget thank you Operation Tulip for the generous account so I can show this goodness to the world. Finally, let's try LibreOffice Online together!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.