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This tutorial is the 2nd of the Inkscape for Students series. Below you will learn about graphics formats, the graphic format SVG, and how to open & save graphics, including how to insert ones in a document. Let's learn!

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In This Series

Preamble - Introduction & Table of Contents
Getting Started - Download & Run The Program

Graphic Formats

What is a graphic format? Computer processes graphics, sounds, and programs as information, can be created and stored, and these information are distinguished by certain formats. For graphics, computer user works with photos or drawings with formats like PNG, JPEG, and SVG among others. In a computer, photos or drawing are displayed as files with names such as scenery.jpeg, icon.png, design.svg according to each graphic format. Inkscape can open and save wide choices of graphic formats below:

Formats to Open:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • SVG
  • Adobe Illustrator's AI
  • CorelDRAW's CDR 
  • AutoCAD's DXF

Formats to Save:

  • PNG
  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • EPS



Default format:

Inkscape as a computer program has its own graphic document format which is called scalable vector graphics (SVG). SVG to Inkscape is like AI to Adobe Illustrator and CDR to CorelDRAW. When you drew and saved a document in Inkscape, by default it is in SVG graphic format. This SVG format has many benefits and among them is it is widely accessible by any computer user with graphics or web browser programs. For example, you will see SVG is the format of many logos of many articles on Wikipedia -- you can download them and open them in Inkscape.

Open and Save

  • To open a graphic document, click menu File > Open.
  • An Open File dialog will appear.
  • Click the file and click Open button.
  • Picture opened.

  • To save a graphic document, click menu File > Save.
  • Choose a graphic format.
  • Choose a folder as a place to save it.
  • Click save button. 
  • Picture saved.



To insert a picture into an existing document, you do:

  • Open your computer's file manager.
  • Find a picture.
  • Drag and drop it to Inkscape document.
  • Picture inserted.



That's the basics of basics of computer graphic design with Inkscape. Here you learned what are graphic formats, how to open, how to save, and how to insert them. Next time you will learn about fonts, how to get and use them. Happy learning!

To be continued...

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