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Friday, February 5, 2021 at 21:20

For you Kubuntu users who want to know what you can enjoy with Groovy Gorilla version or 20.10, here's a summary. In short, you will get the most beautiful LibreOffice ever plus continuation of the convenience. This release from the year 20 and the month 10 can be downloaded at and you will get nine months of official support freely. Let's go!

Ofice suite – LibreOffice 7 included now features the prettiest “ribbon-like” interface ever. It's better than version 6.

[block]Web browser – Firefox included is now capable to encrypt your connections. This ability is called DNS over HTTPS also known as DoH.

[block]Email – the old Kmail is now replaced with Thunderbird that features a freshly refined look.

Larger Pin – can your desktop environment pin an opened tray? Kubuntu can do that since years and now with more visible pin button.

Animations and Looks
– better animations, better user experience. Now every progress is displayed as a nice animation for each taskbar entry, such as, taking a delayed screenshot. And resizing a widget is not as difficult as before, because the handles are now look larger and clearer.

Night Color – love your eyes health, and on the tray you can enable that.

Audio player – the old Amarok and the less user friendly Cantata now replaced with the easier, beautiful audio player Elisa.

Wacom – do you have a popular drawing tablet? Now Kubuntu adds a special setup on the Settings.

Reading – now Okular becomes prettier with a tidier look and still with multitab.

Applications – how is your software center? Now Kubuntu features a better and faster Discover. We can now set either Snap or Normal repository as default by a click.

Happy computing!

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