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Sunday, February 21, 2021 at 12:16

You can video call without phone, number, nor email. Here, if you can video call, of course you can do group chat, voice, upload files, and share screen too. Thanks to Element and several other choices, now this is possible. It is very useful for everybody in teams or groups today especially when work from home becomes a norm. What to prepare and how to do it? This article explains it briefly special for you and your friends.

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Your choices are between  Element, Movim,  Session, Jami, Jitsi, and Big Blue Button. You and your friends should choose one choice. This excludes choices with phone or email requirement such as Signal or Zulip. They all support voice calls except one as explained briefly below:

- Element
Matrix based complete communication solution.

- Movim
The best Xmpp messenger with voice - video - share screen features.

- Session
Australian messenger, no web & video/voice calls currently.

- Jami
GNU operating system's telephony, accessible everywhere except at web.

- Jitsi
Public video call platform which is free - instant - stable, no signup.

Public video call like Jitsi plus education tools integration.

 (An example of Movim/Xmpp communication anonymously)


  • You and your friend (at least two persons).
  • Yours and your friend's devices (at least two devices). The device may be a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone.
  • An internet access for both.
  • Webcam (optional).


This simple tutorial picks up one example, that is Element, that can represent all choices presented here. The signup is anonymous, easy & quick, with all the most complete features you can get for free (gratis). To do communication is like below:

1) Turn on your computer, laptop, or phone.

2) With web browser, go to

3) Register, make yourself a username & a password.

4) Login, welcome yourself for the first time.

5) Make a call, by finding and voice/video calling him/her.

6) Make a group call, by making a group and do group voice/video call with members

(Element desktop & phone users voice calling to each other)

For more specific guide with pictures, please read more Element here, Jami here, Jitsi here, BigBlueButton here, Movim here, and finally Session here.


The Communication section above is applicable to all choices except Session (for today) mentioned here. You can use Jitsi instead of Element, for example, to do so, and so do other choices like Jami or Movim. Enjoy your communication!

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