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Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 16:35

As I posted last year, KDE 4 is my favorite. Surprisingly, Kubuntu 20.04 brings the legacy Oxygen theme built-in. Thanks to Gemlog on social media, I discovered it. Now I bring you how I do it.

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Final Look and Feel


Results first! There are my Kubuntu Focal machine with the legendary Oxygen theme I loved so much. It is amazing I can still enjoy this look and feel once again after eight years.

 (Plasma 5.18 with shiny metallic looks once again thanks to Oxygen icons -at background- Oxygen folders -on file manager- Air translucency -the clock and panel- and overall everything is like 2020 travels back to 2012)

(Translucent start menu and tray and their shining icons once again my favorite)

 (Metallic right-click menu with its smooth drop shadow)


Here's what I did to get Oxygen look and feel:
  1. Go to System Settings. 
  2. Switch  Plasma Style to Air
  3. Switch Application Style to Oxygen > Apply.
  4. Switch Window Decorations to Oxygen[1] > Apply.
  5. Switch Icons to Oxygen > Apply.

(System Settings at Window Decorations section selecting Oxygen only appears after you install it from package not from *Get New Window Decorations button)

[1] You need to manually install this one package before doing so:

$ sudo apt-get install kwin-decoration-oxygen

Enjoy Kubuntu Oxygen!

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