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Saturday, October 10, 2020 at 12:13

You may find you cannot update your Trisquel 8 computer. In my case, the issue is after about one year have not been used, today I run my Trisquel and I am unable to get more applications. For such issue, In most cases, the solution is to change your software sources and try updating once again. Below is how to fix it.

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Error Messages

Here is the error message you may encounter:

W: Failed to fetch [URL] Unable to connect to [URL]
W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignord, or old ones used instead.

Picture below shows the error my computer experiencing:


In my case, it is caused by my repository is no longer working anymore. Inactive repository makes your Trisquel computer unable to get software and updates resulting to error above.  (To my inactive repository''s maintainers in India I say my gratitude and respect you gave me greatest things ever on computing.)


Change your download source from the inactive one to an active one. To do so, open Software & Sources > click the Download from button > click Select Best Server > wait for a while > finally pick the one that selected automatically by the computer. For example, in my case as I live in Indonesia, computer picked me the United States one as the fastest for me. See picture below.

Then simply do a reload or $ sudo apt-get update command line. Fixed Trisquel computer in this case should shows normal output lines without error message above like picture below. You can even see download speed, size, and time.



Test it! Try to install a new application. In my computer, I tried to install KeePassX a nice password manager and it works successfully. You can do it either by Synaptic Package Manager or command line $ sudo apt-get install keepassx .

Have a nice day!

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