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Friday, September 25, 2020 at 15:59

Ulyana brings friendliness to computer users continuing Mint's tradition. This traditional article is for you who purchased a new preloaded Mint computer or simply install it by yourself. This contains tips and tricks including some apps recommendation for new comers plus a nostalgic remembrance for long timers. Okay, now let's enjoy this elegant operating system!

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Taking Care 

  • Repository Settings

For the sake of time efficiency, it is mostly better if you change Mint's software source into nearest location in your country rather than using the one far away. For example, as I live in Indonesia, I switched the international servers into Indonesia servers. Don't worry, as Mint tests their download speed so we can select the fastest ones. To do so, go to start menu > Software Sources > Official Repositories > switch the main > switch the base > OK > updating cache takes place > now your computer is ready to install any application.

Repository Switching Process

For Fun

  • 1) 0AD, Godot, and Friends
  • 2) 3D Desktop
Video games: Mint brings so many games you can play and tool to create 3D games on your own. For example, there are 0.A.D. an Age Of Empires-like warfare strategy game, Minetest a minecraft-like 3D world building game, and Super Tux Kart a cute and funny 3D racing game similar to Crash Bandicoot's Team Racing. Did you get bored with playing? Want to experience making games instead? See that Mint brings you Godot Game Engine that is a tool that is easy to make computer as well as phone games. Install them all from Software Manager.

Zero Ante Dominion on Ulyana

3D Desktop: do you remember Compiz Fusion from the old era of Ubuntu? Revive it once again in Ulyana! Go to System Settings > Preferences > Windows > go to page Alt-Tab > select either Cover Flow or Timeline (3D) selection > try pressing Alt+Tab key.

Alt+Tab Settings

For Convenience

  • 1) Autologin
  • 2) Automount
  • 3) Friendlier Panel & Shortcuts

Autologin: just as we did with deepin 20 yesterday, we can do similar setup so we just use computer without ever seeing login screen. Go to System Settings > Login Window > Users > Auto Login > type your username there > restart.

Automount: to make all disk partitions ready right away you logged in, so you do not need to click everything every single time, use the built-in app Disks.

Friendlier panel & shortcuts: did you notice that Mint's taskbar these days shows only icons of apps without their names? If you are accustomed more to Windows XP style taskbar like picture below, run Files app > right-click that running Files > Preferences > Configure > Panel > switch Button Label option from None to Application Name > close.
App shortcuts and taskbar panel
Automount Setup Example

For Works

  • 1) Get Telegram
  • 2) Make Bookmarks
  • 3) Battery Saving

Get Telegram: Telegram is a fast and complete instant messenger. Learn how to install it on Ulyana. By saying Telegram here it means you can also install other messengers such as GNU Jami (formerly Ring) and Element (formerly Riotim).

Make Bookmarks: once you open a specific folder, press Ctrl+D key, it bookmarked. To delete an establised bookmark, right-click and select Remove on a bookmark.

Battery Savings: so that you can prolong your laptop power, you can adjust several options such as Power (see picture below): reduce the time to "Turn Off the Screen" and "Suspend" and then switch Shut down immediately for "When the battery is critically low".

Power Effeciency Setup
Bookmarks Help Enhance Works

Happy working!

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