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Page formatting is determining page size, margins, boundaries, and orientation. With this we prepare our document for printing papers and how it would look like in general. You will utilize menubar Format a lot in this case. Let's go!


Page Size

  • A4
  • F4
  • Letter
  • Legal

To change page size, go to menubar Format > Page > select a size among size choices > OK. You will see your right sidebar Page section confirms page size according to your selection. For F4 size, if you don't find it on selection, select User size and manually determine width=21cm height=33cm.

 (Menubar Format > Page)

Page Margins

  • Left margin
  • Right margin
  • Top margin
  • Bottom margin

Margins are spaces between outer and inner areas of page. To change margins, go to menubar Format > Page > insert numerical values for example 4 - 3 - 3 - 3 centimeters for the four edges left - right- top - bottom > OK. Now all pages will be formatted with margins you determined.

(Three pages with 2-2-2-2 margins)

(Three pages with 4-3-4-3 margins)

(Three pages with 6-4-6-4 margins)

Page Boundaries

Boundaries are lines surrounding inner area of page. To add boundaries, go to menubar Page > Borders > add four lines surrounding the page > OK. Now every page will have boundaries. To remove boundaries, go to same menu and remove every line.

(Writer document with eight pages all bordered)

Page Orientation

  • Portrait
  • Landscape

Do you want portrait or landscape pages? To set up, go to menubar Format > Page > Page > Orientation > choose either one > OK. Now all pages will be formatted according to your orientation selection.

(One page with Landscape orientation)

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