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Friday, June 19, 2020 at 10:46

Amid Corona pandemic, June this year comes with two good news for worldwide Free Libre Open Source Software community. Lenovo plans to ship Ubuntu, Fedora, and Red Hat preinstalled laptops with certifications. Star Labs now sells Ubuntu laptops aside from elementary OS, Zorin, and Manjaro as well. Like Star Labs, there is also a new laptop brand now selling GNU/Linux laptops for us all included in this overview. I present here vendors' news, distros' news, and several third parties' news important to help you search further. For you wanting to buy Ubuntu laptops, these news are for you. Now let's go!

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The first good news comes from Lenovo. Lenovo, famous with their Thinkpad laptops, is a formerly IBM and now Chinese based popular computer manufacturer. Lenovo has two things, first is the certifications, and second is the plans, to guarantee that a certain set of laptops compatible with certain Ubuntu®️ and Red Hat®️, and to sell Thinkpad and ThinkStation laptops and computers with Fedora and those distros preinstalled. Unlike Star Labs, unfortunately we still cannot purchase the laptops at the moment but Lenovo said they "[...] will be available [...] starting this month rolling out over summer". That's why although we have news this good we have not seen the products mentioned with Ubuntu name on the shop. I wish the best really happens with Lenovo and our community.

Star Labs

(LabTop product with preinstalled Ubuntu Focal Fossa, it is really aimed to us)

The second good news comes from Star Labs. It is a U.K. based company, same as Entroware and Minifree, who recently sell computers with Ubuntu, Mint, elementary, Zorin, and Manjaro operating systems. Their computer family called LabTop with versioning sounds amusingly similar to Ironman's suites, Mk I - Mk II - Mk III - and the latest one Mk IV. See one specification here among others and see the shop here.

Laptop With Linux

(The new challenger in Ubuntu laptops world)

The third good news comes from Laptop With Linux. Wait, so the good news are not only two? Yes, they are, this is a new vendor based in Netherland, Europe shipping laptops and mini computers with Ubuntu preinstalled. It also provides ten other distros including Manjaro, Kali, and CentOS. It is a new manufacturer. If elementary OS didn't mention this, I wouldn't know. Their laptop products are called Clevo. See one specification among others and see the shop.


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