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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 23:48

With GIMP on your computer, you can crop pictures easily. The pictures are then can be inserted into your writing documents. I present you below a video and an explanation to do that. This article is one part of GIMP Guide For Authors. Happy editing!

(GIMP crops a picture in one minute


  • Crop tool on toolbox.
  • Shift+C on keyboard = crop.
  • Tools > Transform Tools > Crop on menubar = crop.

You can use either one of three ways above. Then drag and drop on canvas to form a rectangle. A special rectangle covers a certain part of the picture. Adjust the width or height by dragging the four handles. Click one handle to apply the crop. To undo, press Ctrl+Z. To redo, press Ctrl+Shift+Z (it is not Ctrl+Y here). To save, press Ctrl+S and it will be saved as GIMP's native format .xcf comparable to Photoshop's .psd (it is not the final picture). To export final picture, press Ctrl+Shift+E and determine the filename and the extension: type filename extension desired such as picture.png picture.gif picture.tiff picture.bmp picture.tga and others.


Here are assets to crop for you. They are beautiful wallpapers you saw in video above.
  • Aurora Borealis (JPG) - try to crop the aurora without the trees.
  • Logotype (JPG) - crop the ZORIN wordmark like video above.
  • Hot Air Balloons (JPG) - crop the baloons without the sky.
  • Hexagons (JPG) - crop some deeper levels hexagons.
  • Mountain Lake (JPG) - crop the water without the mountains.

to be continued...

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