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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 22:46

Here are my privacy and security tips with Zorin OS everyone can practice:


Search engine - - visit this privacy focused search engine and click to make it default instead of Google.

Tracker protection - uBlock Origin - install this addon to your web browser and it will block all advertisements as well as online trackers.

Browsing security - HTTPS Everywhere - install this addon too and automatically every connection to websites will be forcefully encrypted.

Password manager - KeePassXC - install this program from software center and with this you do not need to remember your gmails, facebooks, and blogs account details anymore except one password to this program only you can open.

Email secrecy - GnuPG - with this emails will be encrypted in convenient ways and only the true recipients can open them. Evolution is the client preinstalled on Zorin.

Forgetful system - Zorin LiveCD - run the OS uninstalled on any computer from within a flash drive installation media then you get an anonymous system ready for every activity and this system wipes out all stored data once computer restarted.

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