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Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 14:56

After downloading, installing, and preparing with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, you can learn to work quickly with shortcut keys below. They help you to be more productive and time efficient in controlling desktop, handling windows, arranging files, typing text, clicking and tapping, taking screenshot, and more. I also includes several ones useful for some troubleshootings at the end. Enjoy your Ubuntu. Enjoy your work!

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Esc - cancel.
Super+A - start menu.
Super - desktop overview.
Super+D - show desktop.
Alt+F4 - close current application.
Alt+Tab - switch between running applications.
Alt+F2 - run a command.
Alt+Space - show current window options.
Super+Click - drag a running application. Useful when the area is difficult to handle.
Del - delete.
F1 - show help of current application.

Take Screenhot

Printscreen - whole screen.
Alt+Printscreen - only current window.
Shift+Printscreen - free area.

Server and Desktop Mode

Ctrl+Alt+F2 - desktop mode.
Ctrl+Alt+F3 - server mode, room tty3.
Ctrl+Alt+F4 - server mode, room tty4.
Ctrl+Alt+F5 - server mode, room tty5.
Ctrl+Alt+F6 - server mode, room tty6.


Ctrl+Alt+Up - go to upper workspace.
Ctrl+Alt+Down - go to beneath workspace.
Super+Up - maximize.
Super+Down - un-maximize.
Super+H - minimize.
Super+Left - snap window half screen, left.
Super+Right - snap window half screen, right.

Text Typing

Ctrl+Backspace - delete a word backward.
Ctrl+A - select all.
Ctrl+Z - undo.
Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y - redo.
Shift+Left or Shift+Right - block select text, slowly.
Ctrl+Shift+Left or Ctrl+Shift+Right - block select text, quickly.
Ctrl+C - copy.
Ctrl+V - paste.
Ctrl+X - cut.

Mouse Clicking

Click - select
Double-click - open.
Right-click - show context menu.
Click-hold - drag.
Click-hold, move, release - drag and drop.

Touchpad Clicking

Tap - select.
Double-tap - double-click.
Two-finger tap - right-click.
Two-finger swipe up/down - scroll up/down.


Ctrl+Shift+C - copy.
Ctrl+Shift+V - paste
Ctrl+A - jump to beginning of line.
Ctrl+E - jump to end of line.
Ctrl+W - delete a word backward.
Ctrl+K - delete forward
Ctrl+U - delete backward
Ctrl+R - search previous command.
Ctrl+C - terminate a running command.
Ctrl+D - cancel.

File Manager

Esc - cancel.
Ctrl+A - select all.  
Del - delete, not permanet, recoverable from Recycle Bin.
Shift+Del - delete permanently, unrecoverable. 
Ctrl+F - search.
F2 - rename.
Ctrl+Shift+N - create new folder.
Ctrl+N - new window.
Ctrl+T - new tab.
Ctrl+W - close tab.
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V - copy and paste.
Ctrl+L - show address bar.
Ctrl+D - bookmark.
Ctrl+1 - first view mode.
Ctrl+2 - second view mode.
Ctrl+H - show/hide hidden files.
F5 - reload.

Web Browser

Ctrl+Enter - dot com.
Ctrl+T - new tab.
Ctrl+D - bookmark.
Ctrl+H - history.
Ctrl+F or Ctrl+G - search for text in current page.
Ctrl+Shift+A - addons installation and management.
Ctrl+Shift+C - developer view of current page.
Ctrl+Shift+C - mobile view of current page
F11 - fullscreen.


Ctrl+N - new.
Ctrl+S - save.
Ctrl+O - open.
Ctrl+P - print.
Ctrl+Shift+E - export to.
Alt+Letter - open a menu in menubar according to each underscored letter.
Ctrl+Q - quit.
F5 - display presentation (Impress only).
Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U - bold, italic, and underline respectively.
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+L - align center, right, and left respectively.
Double-click - select a word.
Triple-click - select a sentence.
Quad-click - select a paragraph.


Alt+F2+r+Enter - restart the desktop (aka "GNOME Shell").
Alt+F2+nautilus+Enter - run File Manager.
Alt+F2+firefox+Enter - run Web browser.
Alt+F2+baobab+Enter - run Disk Usage Analyzer.
Alt+F2+killall firefox+Enter - close all web browser apps forcibly.

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