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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 22:12

On our computer, if LibreOffice is installed, then we will find Writer word processor in the start menu. This article explains how to run and close Writer on Ubuntu GNU/Linux as an example for other systems. I also added advanced method here we can use whenever some problem occurred. Let's start learning.

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1. Starting Writer

On Ubuntu, press start menu button from the panel and type "writer" without quotes and click LibreOffice Writer blue logo appears.

2. Writer Running

You should see Writer window appears on your screen. As an additional indication it running, you should also see its logo blue document being active on your panel. On Ubuntu 19.04 onwards, this is indicated by a colored dot on that logo.

3. Closing Writer

Click "X" button on top-right corner of Writer window. Another option is either by pressing Alt+F4 or clicking menubar File > Quit. However, the latter one also closes all other running LibreOffice windows if any.

Alternatively, right-click Writer logo > Quit on panel can also close the program. This is a common way all computer users familiar with.

Advanced Method

There is another way to start LibreOffice Writer that is using command line on Terminal. This is for advanced user whenever facing some issues like program crashes. 

  • First, open your Terminal Emulator from start menu:
  • Second, type this command line and press Enter:
$ libreoffice --writer 
  • Third, LibreOffice Writer should appear and your Terminal should go back to prompt.

  • Either use this command and let all LibreOffice windows closed:
$ killall soffice.bin 

  • or use this command, you cursor changed, then click Writer window, and also all LibreOffice windows closed:
$ xkill 

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