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Friday, October 11, 2019 at 08:58

It is Simplified Federation. It's a skipper, it skips our username input whenever we want to Follow or Favorite a user from different Mastodon server. Indeed, in Mastodon today we still cannot work in only one browser window as every of such external interaction opens a new small window. But thanks to this addon, it's a lot more easier now. I will show you how to install it on Mozilla Firefox as it needs a little setup. Let's go!

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Firefox Version

Make sure you have Firefox 66 at least. In fact, I failed to install it on old Firefox prior to 66. For instance, default Firefox on Ubuntu 19.04 is compatible with this addon.

Find the Addon

Browse to AMA page: Simplified Federation. Click Install Addon button. Addon installed.

Setup Your Username

It's a skipper, remember? So firstly you need to input your Mastodon username and the addon will automatically input that every time for you. Where to input it? Go to Firefox addon manager (press Ctrl+Shift+A) > find there Simplified Federation > click Preferences > scroll down > type your Mastodon username there, for example, mine is > make sure your internet access is active.

Test it!

Go to Mastodon, follow somebody on different Mastodon instance, you will not need to enter your username anymore.

See, it still ask for my username when I follow GNOME Brasil

Nice, it doesn't ask for my username anymore!

About Simplified Federation and my wishes

It's licensed under MIT X11 free software license. The source code is available at GitHub. It's a Firefox addon by rugk. Talking about wishes, I don't know who could make it, but I wish we don't need to open new window anymore each time interacting with people at Mastodon, just like our experience with Twitter. For now, everything is enough in my opinion.

Enjoy Mastodon!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.