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Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 00:22

 (Ubuntu 19.10 with new wallpaper on background and app grouping feature on start menu with latest kernel, latest GNOME and LibreOffice)

We are excited to welcome the latest Ubuntu called Eoan Ermine that planned to be released this month at Thursday, 17 October 2019. This short overview shows several new things I found in this Ubuntu 19.04 development edition (as per 12 October 2019, frozen status, before official release). Thanks to the daily ISO, we know that Ubuntu Eoan has new features such as grouping apps on start menu, new icons for apps and disks, and latest version of GNOME 3.34 and LibreOffice 6.3. I once again divided the article into only 3 parts so you could enjoy this review easily. Okay, let's go!

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Part 1. Desktop and Icons

Thanks to GNOME 3.34, the Thessaloniki user interface, now we can group apps with names we can choose. Simply drag-and-drop an application on start menu to other app to group, drag it out again to ungroup, and right-click to rename. This way our messy start menu could be shorter and tidier.

Things that catch my attention mostly are new icons of LibreOffice and others that look rounder right now. I like it, however.

My Solid State Disk (SSD) partition got new icon with 'SSD' text on it.


LibreOffice got updated to with a lot of new features. 

Firefox got updated to version 69 with a lot of improvements.

Part 2. Resource Loads

I find that CPU load is high and unstable at live session Eoan. This happens for 10 minutes or so each time the system started. Once cause of this is as a part of snapd group of services (as you could see at picture below). One more thing is the memory load reaches 1.3GiB, while you see last time openSUSE Tumbleweed (GNOME 3.34) live session was only +/-800MiB. Honestly I dislike this and I wish the final version loads to be lower. The ISO image I use is like mentioned, daily build as per 12 October after freeze stage announced.


Part 3. Details

This release is 19.10 which is Ubuntu version in the year 2019 and the month 10th with codename Eoan Ermine (E E) after 19.04 Disco Dingo (D D). The biggest internal change is the kernel component, now Linux 5.3, and the user interface, now GNOME 3.34.1. For testing before release planned at Thursday 17 October 2019, you can download Eoan at Daily-Live server.

Talking about details, actually Eoan Release Notes document already published we could read, but please notice is still incomplete as 19.10 still also not published yet today. Once released officially, this document will be updated just like prior Ubuntu releases we experienced.

Talking about the ISO image itself, on 12 October I get the 2.3GB sized with MD5SUM presented below. It's huge compared to 2.0GB of 19.04, and 1.8GB of Bionic, and 1.4GB of Xenial. It's not final, the official release might have lesser size ISO.

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Okay, now, we just need to wait until 17 October. Enjoy!

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