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(Reddit forum of Ubuntu where many people participating and interacting)

Our GNU/Linux community information is naturally centralized at Reddit for news and discussion, it's not a secret. For instance, all big GNU/Linux distros have Reddits. Even often, news from a FLOSS project comes first at Reddit and being discussed a lot there rather than other social networks. See for example news of r/KDE and r/LibreOffice there (notice that unique Reddit IDs?). If you feel unfamiliar with this, you can think Reddit like Facebook or Twitter, but amazingly faster to browse, with greatly less picture and more text. With this list, after registering you can find your first community on Reddit for example r/Ubuntu and r/linux4noobs. Speaking personally, as an active GNU/Linux user I love Reddit and actually I use DNSCrypt just because I want to visit it. Also, if you're tired of other social networks you can give Reddit a try and I believe you will love it! I wish you will find nice people and friends there. Now let's go!

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Join Reddit

It is a good thing a GNU/Linux user to have a Reddit account because so many people are there discussing and reporting stuffs about GNU/Linux and Free Software. You can register a new Reddit account here. It's gratis.

Part 1. GNU/Linux in General

1. Ubuntu
Official Reddit forum of Ubuntu, with several Ubuntu developers as admins.

Lightweight variant of Ubuntu with LXDE desktop.

KDE edition of Ubuntu, familiar by default and powerful when needed.

XFCE edition of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu MATE
MATE edition of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Studio 
Multimedia creative operating system with audio and video editing capabilities built-in.

2. Mint
Official Reddit forum of Mint.

3. Elementary OS
Official Reddit forum of elementary OS.

4. LibreOffice
Questions & answers, news, and talks about LibreOffice --the free office suite for everyone--.

6. GNU
News and discussion about GNU Project.

7. Free Software
News and discussions representing free software movement.

8. Open Source
News and discussions representing open source movement.

9. openSUSE
The green lizard RPM family with YaST operating system.

(/r/linux4noobs is a friendly community for everybody to start with GNU/Linux)

10. Linux
Very active discussions about Linux, GNU/Linux, and free software. No support question here.

11. Linux4Noobs
You can make questions and get answers about GNU/Linux here.

12. Linux Hardware
This is an amazing Reddit where you can ask questions about what hardware supports GNU/Linux, how to get things working, places to buy from, etc.

(Fun thing about /r/linuxquestions is that the logo is the Tux penguin with several question marks, hence, Linux Questions)

13. LinuxQuestions
This subreddit is for any question pertaining to GNU/Linux from beginner to advanced.

14. LinuxUnplugged
Famous podcast about GNU/Linux by Jupiter Broadcasting.

15. GNU/Linux Gaming
News and talks related to video games on GNU/Linux.

16. Desktop Environments

The desktop of Kubuntu, Slackware, Mandriva, and openSUSE.

The desktop of Ubuntu and Debian.

The desktop of MATE Editions of Ubuntu and Mint.

The desktop of Xubuntu.

The desktop of Lubuntu.

Popular window manager that is lightweight and easy to custom.

17.  Solus
Ikey Doherty's distro, the origin of Budgie Desktop in GNU/Linux world.

18. Manjaro
The most popular Arch-based desktop distro with green logo.

19. Fedora
The icon of RPM family distros, innovative, always latest GNU/Linux distro basis of Red Hat OS.

20. Mageia
The 2nd successor of Mandriva, after ROSA.

21. OpenMandriva
The 3rd successor of Mandriva, after Mageia.

22. Debian
The origin of Ubuntu, the universal operating system community at Reddit.

23. Arch
The simple source-oriented distro with Pacman, well known for its Wiki and AUR, the distro which Manjaro and Parabola based on.

24. Mozilla
Community talking about Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla-related stuffs.

25. Tecmint
The Reddit of the famous tutorial website by its founder Ravi Saive.

26. OMG! Ubuntu
The most popular news & tutorial blog talking about Ubuntu by Joey E. Sneddon

27. GIMP
GNU Image Manipulation Program, the free Photoshop for GNU/Linux.

28. Inkscape
Vector graphic editor that is free similar to Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

29. Godot
Free, excellent, 2D and 3D game engine.

30. Synfig Studio
2D animation program.

31. Purism
Place to talk about Librem computers and PureOS GNU/Linux and their news.

Part 2. Worth Mentioning

Many other Reddits are good although they are not closely related to GNU/Linux. I present you here:

It's not secret that many ThinkPad laptops are completely compatible with GNU/Linux.

Privacy community that seek ways to switch away from Google services.

Qt Framework
The software library that creates KDE and their applications.
Privacy community that recommends secure software and services for computer users.

Free software-based digital money, yes it's money, known publicly for its mining and expensive value.

Tor Project
The Onion Router - Privacy and Security for All

The thing that enables Windows applications to run on GNU/Linux system.

Raspberry Pi
Mini board computer with ARM processor that runs GNU/Linux.


Part 3. BSD Communities

Berkeley Software Distribution or BSD is another free operating system aside from GNU. Thus, BSDs are not GNU/Linux. It was once proprietary (nonfree), but fortuntely at 1990's it became free software like GNU/Linux. We today know BSD in 3 most popular names, namely FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.





Dragonfly BSD


TrueOS (formerly PCBSD)

Reddit Access Blocked?

If your internet access is blocked to visit, simply use DNSCrypt on your GNU/Linux system and your browser will be able to access it again. Read my latest tutorial on Tor+DNSCrypt on Ubuntu. Go ahead!

I hope you find this list useful!

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