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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 22:06

(GNOME:Next LiveCD running Thessaloniki lighter, faster, and more complete)

When I was writing about GNOME 3.34 yesterday, I only tested it on Fedora Rawhide, and I forgot that there is openSUSE special rolling edition. It is called openSUSE GNOME:Next and the ISO Image is available to run it as LiveCD. To date GNOME:Next includes 3.34 already and when I test it now, I'm impressed, I like GNOME 3.34 on openSUSE rather than on Fedora Rawhide! It's already fast on Fedora but it's faster and lighter on openSUSE. More than that, this openSUSE special edition includes built-in more GNOME Apps than Fedora's, like, Boxes, Buider, Fractal, Fragment, and more. It's more GNOMEish than Fedora! Now let's see it.

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What is GNOME:Next?

When talking about the actual distro, GNOME:Next is simply pre-Tumbleweed openSUSE shipped with latest GNOME built-in. When talking about repository, it is simply a special repository of openSUSE containing latest version of GNOME. We can download ISO Images of GNOME:Next at here.

(Download page of GNOME:Next ISO image)

Regarding Fedora Rawhide, it is the rolling release version of Fedora which includes latest versions of all packages. We can download ISO Images of Rawhide at

What apps included?

Thessaloniki announcement mentioned several GNOME Apps, among them Music, Boxes, Games, Polari, and Sysprof. On Fedora, I must install them manually as they are not built-in. But on openSUSE, they are all built-in already, and plus several more, among them Fragment, News, and Recipes. This made me rethink that perhaps actually, equivalent distro to KDE Neon for GNOME is not Fedora Rawhide, but openSUSE GNOME:Next!

Screenshots of start menu presenting all installed apps:

Towards Tumbleweed and 32-bit!

Like I said above, GNOME:Next is a developmental stage before openSUSE Tumbleweed. For your information, Tumbleweed is the rolling edition of openSUSE, just like Rawhide of Fedora. This means, soon we will see Tumbleweed available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions to bring GNOME 3.34 for us. As a comparison, starting next release, Fedora will not support 32-bit anymore.

(Tumbleweed installers are both 32-bit and 64-bit: we can expect to run GNOME 3.34 on i386!) 

It is more interesting this way!

I think Fedora Rawhide is interesting but after seeing I think openSUSE GNOME:Next is more interesting to test Thessaloniki. I like it instantly.

Try it, never regret it!

As an Ubuntu user, for GNOME lovers and seekers I encourage you to test GNOME:Next as soon as possible and I believe you will never regret it. By test I meant just run LiveCD session as it does not have option to install it to your computer. However, it's really great as latest GNOME testbed. Thanks, openSUSE Team!

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