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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 21:22

(Test GNOME Thessaloniki in comfort with openSUSE GNOME:Next)

I like to list out popular GNU/Linux distros that already ship latest desktop environment. For GNOME 3.34 case, currently I found Desktop Live distros that include it built-in to be Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE. You can download them and immediately test GNOME. Other names worth mentioning but I don't present them here are Alpine GNU/Linux, Debian, and Mageia. I write this at 17 September so things might change by day later. By this article, I also want to introduce several special distros like GNOME:Next and a certain  awesome community service like Repology for you. Enjoy GNOME 3.34!

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1. Ubuntu Eoan Ermine

Good news for Ubuntu users, we will see next Ubuntu to bring GNOME 3.34. Today, by reading the manifest file, we know that Ubuntu 19.10 being developed is already with 3.34. Note: by Eoan Ermine it means all flavors (K/L/Xubuntu) are also available as latest versions.

2. Fedora Rawhide

When thinking about latest GNOME, up to today I always think about Rawhide, partly because I saw many GNOME developers are also Fedora developers. Indeed, current Rawhide includes GNOME 3.34 already and I made a review based on it.

3. openSUSE GNOME:Next

openSUSE is actually a really huge project, as for both KDE and GNOME, it has its own flavors, namely Krypton and GNOME:Next. While Leap edition kept GNOME in old version, there is GNOME:Next edition that moves forward to latest GNOME, and currently it includes 3.34 built-in.

Worth Mentioning: Debian Experimental

Experimental is not a name of Debian image, instead, it's actually a special repository containing latest software including currently GNOME 3.34. We cannot download any ISO image of it as they do not exist. But we can install Debian Buster GNOME anyway and then upgrade completely using Experimental repository. I placed Debian here instead of other distros, let's say Arch and Gentoo, despite the fact that those others also provide GNOME 3.34, because Debian distinctly provides Desktop Live editions while those others do not.

Do You Know

Imagine you can ask availability for a certain software package, let's say, gnome-shell, in what distros and by what versions without downloading any ISO of distros. is an awesome search engine to query packages among hundreds of GNU/Linux distros. This search engine is what I used so I see latest 3.34 is available on Ubuntu, Fedora, and other distros. To test it, try to search gnome-shell package there and see Badges page to see 3.34 availability on various distros today.

(It's easy to tell what distros provides latest gnome-shell: the green ones!)

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