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This is a compilation of download information of user guide books of Ubuntu and the 5 Official Flavors (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, and Ubuntu Studio). You can find either complete user guides (even for server edition), installation guide, or tutorials compilation; either in PDF or HTML format; plus where to purchase two official ebooks of Ubuntu MATE. On the end of this tutorial, I included how to download the HTML-only documentation so you can read it completely offline. I hope you will find all of books useful and you can print them out yourself. Get the books, print them, share with your friends, read and learn Ubuntu All Flavors.

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1. Ubuntu Manual Book

  • Title: Ubuntu Desktop Guide, Ubuntu Server Guide, Ubuntu Installation Guide
  • Topics: complete user guide, installation guide
  • Version covered: 18.04 LTS, for desktop and server
  • Format: PDF, HTML
  • Download:

 (PDF, for 16.04 LTS server version)

(PDF, installation manual for 16.04 LTS 64-bit version)

(HTML, for 16.04 LTS desktop version)

2. Kubuntu Manual Book

  • Title: Kubuntu Manual Documentation
  • Topics: complete user guide (installation guide included)
  • Version covered: 16.04, 18.04 LTS, 18.10
  • Format: PDF, EPUB, HTML
  • Download:

(PDF, for 16.04 LTS)

(EPUB, for 16.04 LTS)

3. Xubuntu User Guide Book

  • Title: Xubuntu Documentation
  • Topics: complete user guide
  • Version covered: 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS, 18.10
  • Format: PDF, HTML
  • Download:

(HTML, for 16.04 LTS)

(PDF, for 16.04 LTS)

4. Lubuntu Handbook

(HTML, for 18.10)

(HTML, for 18.04 and prior releases)

5. Ubuntu Studio Audio Handbook

 (HTML, Audio Guide Book)

6. Ubuntu Studio HowTos

 (HTML, general howto for all Ubuntu Studio versions)

7. Ubuntu MATE Books

  • Title: Upgrading from Windows or OSX, Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications
  • Topics: complete user guide
  • Format: PDF, EPUB
  • Buy:

(Ubuntu MATE: Upgrading from Windows or OSX)

  (Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications)

8. Ubuntu MATE Community Manual

(HTML, thorough guide book by community)

Download for Offline Reading

Some documentations below are only available in HTML format, not in PDF. Basically, you can either read them online or save as (Ctrl+S) one page by one page to read them offline. But to make all things easier, you can "mirror" instead (download the whole documentation) so you can read the website without connecting to the internet. To do this, you just need GNU wget download manager which is already included on Ubuntu.

For example:

To download Lubuntu Handbook:
$ wget -c --mirror -l 1 -np -p -k 

To download Ubuntu MATE documentation:

wget -c --mirror -l 1 -np -p -k

$ wget -c --mirror -l 1 -np -p -k

That's all. These examples can be applied to any other documentation available on the net as you wish. Go ahead and try!

Happy reading! Happy printing! Happy sharing!

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.