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Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 16:04

In Impress, do you know that you can edit and make default your own template? You just need to edit the Master Slide and save it as Default Template. Here's very easy practice in step by step to make it. Be creative and you can use it in every of your presentations!

Download Template

You can download the result of this tutorial and try it on your Impress. Edit and share it as you wish.


What We Want to Make

This is only an example so these exercises should represent further unlimited customization:
  1. Decorate top and bottom of slide with horizontal green ribbon.
  2. Decorate each slide with a logo.
  3. White color for Title text.
  4. Page number for each slide.
The ingredients are:
  • 2 rectangle shape, one on top and one on bottom.
  • Gradient: green.
  • 1 image as logo.
  • Page Number for each slide except first slide.
  • View > Master Slide.
  • View > Normal.

1. Open New Document

Go to menu View > Master Slide. This makes you open your current template.

How master slide looks in Impress

2. Edit Current Template

Editing template is no different to editing Master Slide and save it as Default Template. It's very easy.

Making ribbons:
  • Add a thick rectangle as the header bar. 
  • Right-click rectangle > Arrange > Send To Back.
  • Select rectangle > see Properties panel > Area > Fill: Gradient > Color: Green.
  • Copy and paste rectangle but make it far more thinner and put it on the bottom.
Making the text looks matched up:
  • Select the box of Title Text (not the text inside) > see Properties panel on the right > select white color > now the Title Text is white.
Adding icon:
  • Copy and paste icon from your file manager to Impress.
Editing master page with ribbons and icon

Testing first page with text
  • Add new slide.
  • Insert > Slide Number > uncheck everything but check the last two options > Apply To All.  
  • View > Master Slide > select the <number> text > give it Bold 28pt.
  • View > Normal.

Making the second page

See the box contains <number> at picture below.

Master slide: to adjust the position of page number

3. Save It As Default Template

  • File > Templates > Save As Template > Template Name: Default > Template Category: My Templates > give check to Set as default template > Save.
  • If you're asked to replace existing one, accept it.

Save As Template

4. Close Without Saving

Yes, simply close LibreOffice Impress and answer "No" while asked to save changes. Don't worry because your template has been saved.

Don't Save instead

5. Test New Document

Now open new Impress document and you should see your custom template as the default. Test creating new slides as you wish to see them all use the same template. It's your template now. Congratulations!

New document now uses our custom template

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Note: this tutorial is written with LibreOffice 6.0 over Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

This article is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.