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Monday, August 20, 2018 at 17:07

Here's popular applications on GNU/Linux available in AppImage format in August 2018. They are LibreOffice, Krita, Kdenlive, OpenShot, Synfig Studio, Inkscape, GIMP, VLC, Emacs, and some more. I list here either they are official (built by original project) or unofficial (built by individual contributor). If you see the name probono below, he is Simon Peter, the founding father of AppImage technology. You can run these AppImages on your GNU/Linux distros (or even test them on LiveCD session). Finally, by publishing this, I hope all the original developers insterested to provide AppImage versions officially. Enjoy!

  • Want to update installed AppImage apps? Simple, use AppImageUpdate!
  • Want to find more AppImage apps? See AppImageHub. 
  • Are you the official developer? Consider to publish your software in AppImage format with AppImageKit.

1. LibreOffice

Description: free, libre, and open source office suite with complete features derived from []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 6.1
Packager: LibreOffice Team (official)
Download: LibreOffice-still.basic-x86_64.AppImage (200MB)
Download page:

2. KeePassXC

Description: password storage application that is secure and user friendly, continuation of KeePassX []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 2.3.3
Packager: KeePassXC Official
Download: KeePassXC-2.3.3-x86_64.AppImage (28MB)
Download page:

3. Etcher

Description: ISO-to-USB image writer developed on Electron Framework []
Architecture: 64-bit and 32-bit
Latest version: 1.4.4
Packager: Etcher Official
Download page:

4. Krita

Description: professional 2D digital painting, drawing, and animation program []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 3.0 and 4.1.1
Packager: Krita Official
Download page:

5. Synfig Studio

Description: advanced 2D animation software similar to Macromedia Flash MX
Architecture: 64-bit and 32-bit []
Latest version: 1.3.5
Packager: Synfig Official
Download page:

6. Scribus 

Description: professional desktop publishing application similar to InDesign
Architecture: 64-bit
Latest version: 1.5.4
Packager: Scribus Official
Download: scribus-1.5.4-linux-x86_64.AppImage (170MB)
Download page:

7. Kdenlive Video Editor

Description: KDE Non-LInear Video Editor with interface similar to Sony Vegas Studio and advanced features []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 18.04.1
Packager: Kdenlive Official
Download: kdenlive-18.04.1-x86_64.AppImage (170MB)
Download page:

8. OpenShot Video Editor

Description: free/libre open source video editor based on FFMPEG which is feature rich with simple interface (see their awards) []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 2.4.2
Packager: OpenShot Official
Download: OpenShot-v2.4.2-x86_64.AppImage (130MB)
Download page: OpenShot GitHub

9. Shotcut Video Editor

Description: MLT-based modern and full-featured video editor with compositing capabilities []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 18.07
Packager: ShotCut Official
Download: Shotcut-180702.glibc2.14-x86_64.AppImage (69MB)
Download page: Shotcut GitHub

10. GIMP

Description: GNU Image Manipulation Program, advanced photo retouching and digital painting application similar to Photoshop []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 2.9.3
Packager: probono (unofficial)
Download: GIMP-2.9.3.glibc2.15-x86_64.AppImage (70MB)
Download page: Bintray GIMP

11. Mozilla Firefox

Description: the most popular free and open source web browser
Architecture: 64-bit only []
Latest version: 61.0.1
Packager: probono (unofficial)
Download: Firefox-61.0.1.glibc2.7-x86_64.AppImage (50MB)
Download page: Bintray Firefox

12. GNU Emacs

Description: the legendary, oldest text editor and advanced IDE []
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 26
Packager: probono (unofficial)
Download: Emacs-26.1.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage (60MB)
Download page: GitHub Emacs by probono

13. Godot Game Engine

Description: the most user friendly 3D and 2D video game maker for GNU/Linux
Architecture: 64-bit
Latest version: bleeding edge
Packager: Hugo Locurcio, Godot developer (unofficial)
Download: godot-linux-nightly-x86_64.AppImage (23MB)
Download page:

14. Blender 3D

  • Description: 3D modeler and animator, including video editing capabilities.
  • Architecture: 64-bit only
  • Latest version: 2.78
  • Packager: probono (unofficial)
  • Download: Blender-2.78-x86_64.AppImage (130MB)
  • Download page: Bintray Blender

15. VLC

Description: VideoLAN Client, the most popular audio and video player
Architecture: 64-bit only
Latest version: 3.0.0
Packager: probono (unofficial)
Download: VLC-3.0.0.gitfeb851a.glibc2.17-x86-64.AppImage (80MB)
Download page: Bintray VLC 

About AppImage

AppImage is a way to package a software (for developer) and to install it (for user) in one-file-per-one-app way that is universal for all GNU/Linux distros. With this, a software can be made available in its website for Windows and Mac and GNU/Linux in their respective formats of .exe, .dmg, and .appimage. To run an AppImage formatted software is the same as EXE and DMG, just let it be executable and double-click it! See also a very nice comparison between AppImage, Snappy, and Flatpak. Thanks Simon Peter (probono) for his excellent works at AppImage!

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