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Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 12:53

Do you like Nemo and Caja file managers? Good news for you, you can use them at Ubuntu Unity Remix now. More good news is there are 2 ISOs available (for testing purpose) for both Unity Remix Nemo and Unity Remix Caja editions! Having these two is like continuing the 17.04 but with the feels of Linux Mint 'MATE' and 'Cinnamon' editions. For you who don't know, you will find Nemo or Caja even more useful than Nautilus, because you'll have more features you cannot find at (like normal menu bar, F3, and status bar). This 'Day 2' covers simple overview about both file managers at Ubuntu Unity Remix 18.04. Enjoy!

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This article continuing our Day 1 and Unity Remix first look.

Install Nemo and Caja

To install a specific file manager or both, choose one of these command lines:

Nemo only:
sudo apt-get install nemo
Caja only:
sudo apt-get install caja
Both Nemo and Caja (I recommend this for testing):
sudo apt-get install nemo caja

Total download size = 13MB

Special ISOs Download

If you want instead an ISO image built with a specific file manager, there are 2 ISOs at:

Caja Edition:
Nemo Edition:


Nemo works fine. It got the version 3.4.7. As you can see below, global menu and all functionalities work well (F3 split window, multitabbing, thumbnails & list views, "Go Up" button, status bar, F9 left panel). At another distro, Nemo is the default file manager of Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition.

Nemo File Manager, at Ubuntu Unity Remix


Caja works fine too! And as you can see below, Caja is already well integrated to global menu with all functionalities (F3 split window, multitabbing, thumbnails & list views, status bar, "Go Up" button, F9 left panel) work. At another distros, Caja is the default file manager of Ubuntu MATE and Linux Mint MATE.

Caja File Manager, at Ubuntu Unity Remix


Finding files and folders work very well on both Nemo and Caja.

Searching, Nemo (foreground) and Caja (background)

Accessing Smartphone (MTP)

Do you have a smartphone? Yes, both Nemo and Caja work fine with MTP connection over USB cable. Picture below showing them accessing my Sony Xperia.

Nemo and Caja, accessing smartphone using USB cable

One Minor Problem

Caja icon is not appearing at Menu, while Nemo icon is. I cannot run Caja from the Menu. A temporary solution for now is running caja from Terminal.

to be continued...

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